Loomis Basin Dolphins

"...a team rich in tradition and family involvement." - est. 1972

COMMITMENT CHANGES & Scratching from meet

Here is how you can change your commitment:

· You can edit your commitment up until the registration deadline for the specific swim meet.

· AFTER the registration deadline your swimmer(s) CAN NOT be ADDED to the meet.

· Scratch-PRIOR to OnLine Sign-up dead line –All you need to do is edit your commitment. Log on to the website and change your swimmer's commitment to "no."

· Scratch -AFTER OnLine Sign-up dead line -If you signed up for this meet and will not be able to attend please call or text 916-759-1650 and leave a message with 1)your swimmers names, 2)age group, and 3)date of the meet that they will not be able attend.