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Swarthmore Swim Club Converts Lap Pool to Salt Water Chlorination System!

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Mar 15, 2019

Since 1955, members of the Swarthmore Community have driven, biked, and walked over to 201 Riverview Road between Memorial Day and Labor Day to swim and splash at the Swarthmore Swim Club.  The swim club is a non profit organization owned by its members and managed by its volunteer Board of Directors.  Each year, the Board presents a recap of the past year and takes a look to the year ahead at its Annual Member meeting.  At this year’s meeting, held on Thursday, February 21st at Swarthmore Borough Hall, the Board announced exciting improvements to come this summer.  

The highlight is an update to the six-lane lap pool that is used by the Swarthmore SeaSharks swim team, as well as hundreds of community members striving to hit 1000 laps for the season. The lap pool will be converted to a saltwater chlorination system.  Saltwater chlorination produces clean, clear, silky-smooth water. Salt cells convert salt into active chlorine for a lower cost as compared to the traditional form of liquid or solid chlorine. Saltwater pools also reduce skin and eye irritation and greatly reduce the chlorine smell, while still providing the same level of effectiveness as a liquid or solid chlorination.  The conversion will be completed by Summit Swimming Pools before the season starts on Saturday, May 25th. 

The ultimate goal is to convert all three pools, but there is important infrastructure work to be done on the L-shaped activity pool and the baby pool to fix leaks before the conversion can be completed. There will be more to come on the leak project in the near future.  In the meantime, the Board is looking forward to another successful and fun season that will once again feature movie nights, an annual water show, and many other social events that are fun for the whole family.

Photo courtesy of Andy Shelter Photography