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2019 Dues and Renewal Process Payment Information

SSC Membership
May 13, 2019

 The dues for the 2019 season are noted below and have been sent via mail to your homes with your registration forms for your convenience. 

In order to keep the Club on a sound footing, the Swim Club Board has made some adjustments to the membership process.  In anticipation of significant outlays for much-needed capital improvements, dues were increased slightly.  Additionally, we are asking all members to please pay by check only, rather than credit card.  

We appreciate that this may pose an inconvenience for some, however after exploring a number of credit card alternatives, the Board has determined that this is the best course of action at this time due to the prohibitively expensive card transaction fees and penalties the Club incurs as a seasonal business.

2019 Membership Process

You should receive in the mail a 2019 SSC membership rate schedule and a registration sheet. Reminders will also be sent for your convenience.    

    • Please complete the member registration and mail your check to Swarthmore Swim Club, PO Box 85, Swarthmore PA 19081
    • If you have questions related to payments, please contact SSC’s accountant: 

GSM Advisory Group, 610-565-8050, ask for Taylor Leach.

When you register and pay your dues, by check, on or before May 11th, you will avoid the $75 late fee. Timely registration and payment enable the Swim Club to better serve you.

Payment forms can be downloaded on our site.  Click here for more info. https://www.teamunify.com/team/recsslssc/page/membership-information/how-to-renew--sign-up-