This summer, Swarthmore Swim Club is offering its members free group swim lessons.   All sessions will be from Monday to Thursday (except for the week of July 4th which span from Tuesday, July 5th to Thursday, July 7th).   
Sign up for Group Swim Lessons here. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and waitlist priority will be based on timing of initial registration. 
Group Swim Levels offered:
  • Tadpoles. (Ages 3-5) For the beginner swimmer, at least 3 years of age and potty trained), who cannot yet swim independently and may be unsure of the water.   Children will work on getting face/head wet, blowing bubbles, floating, and playing basic water games. The focus of these lessons is for children to become more water safe and feel comfortable in the water.   Sessions take place in the shallow section of the L pool with guardians encouraged to be in the pool.
  • Goldfish.  (Ages 6 and up)  This level will help assist and develop children who are near to passing the green or orange band test but need more support in order to do so.   Children will be divided by skill set.  The children working towards the orange band will focus on basic crawl and breathing skills, as well as reinforcing the basic skills of jumping and coming out of the water safely.   The children working towards the green band will focus on treading water, and deep end swimming.
Background on the Band Testing:
Orange Band-holders have access to the slide and up to the 5-foot line. Must swim 2 widths of the pool (30 total yards) without stopping except to turn and return. Freestyle with arms coming out of the water or breast stroke are acceptable strokes for this test.
Green Band-holders have full access to all pools and diving area.  To earn a Green Band, Must swim continuous freestyle from the start of the test to the other side of the pool and then back (could be full lap in lap pool or from one point in the L-Pool to another), then tread water for 60 seconds. The stroke quality does not have to be perfect but must be assessed as safe. For example, this means that the arms must come out of the water during freestyle and the stroke should be strong enough to ensure the child’s safe swim to the side.
Evaluations (for bands) on an ongoing basis by lifeguards.
Kids who haven't passed either the Orange or Green band tests may enter the deeper water at any time (but not dive off the board) as long as they are accompanied by an adult within arm’s length. This means the adult must physically be in the water and not sitting on the edge of the deck within arm's length. Additionally, the child may go down the slide if an adult is waiting at the bottom. One adult to one non-band swimming child.  

Please note that private swim lessons will be available as well.  

  • Reservations can be made directly with our certified guards. A list of contacts will be available in the office.  
  • Rates are $25 for a single child for 30 minutes or $40 for 2 children max for 30 minutes (Payment will be made directly to the guard) 
  • If scheduling for two children, note they do not need to be in the same family. 
  • All ages are welcome.  


Dive lessons are available with our dive coach. Rates for diving are TBD.