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Full membership:

Full membership involves the purchase of an equity share (commonly referred to as the "bond") that permits voting so long as the member remains in good standing (dues paid in full). The cost of the Share is $480. It is a one-time-only purchase required to obtain full membership status. A one-time $150 Initiation Fee is also due when purchasing a full membership. 

Associate Membership: 


This option may be offered once to prospective members for a fee of $100 (the "Associate Membership Fee") plus payment of annual dues and the one-time $150 Initiation Fee, but not the full payment of the par value of a share of stock. An Associate Member has all usage rights for 1 year, but may not vote.

If the Associate Member purchases a share of stock the following season, the Associate Membership Fee will be credited toward that purchase. If the Associate Member does not purchase a share of stock the next season, the Associate Membership fee then is forfeited. 

NOTE: All members are required to pay all required dues annually to remain in good standing. Owed dues will be deducted from bond repayment. Bond redemption can be accomplished by e-mailing membership@swarthmoreswimclub.org and are paid out 2x per year (May and September). There is only one exception, a limited "summer away option" in which a member requests a leave status for one year and pays a fee of $100 for the season. This "summer away" option is limited to five families per year and is available on a first-come, first served basis.

Seniors must be 65 years of age by opening day in order to obtain senior rate.

Any children over the age of 12 months by opening day should be included in the dues. 

New memberships are prorated after July 1st.  Please contact memebrship@swarthmoreswimclub.org for more info

Below are the SSC membership dues for reference. 

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