2021 Cabana Rental Information

Olympic View Swim Club boasts 3 covered cabanas on our main pool deck. They are all available for pre-arranged rental as covered in the guidelines below.

CLOSED DURING CONSTRUCTION - The Fain Cabana sits on the south end of our deck adjacent to the concessions area and is the largest cabana of the three. The Fain Cabana can be booked for 1/2 the space or the full space.

The Bruce West Cabana is one of two twin cabanas on the north end of our deck. The West Cabana is closest to the basketball court.

The Bruce East Cabana is the other twin cabana on the north end of the pool deck and is closest to our play yard.

Cabana Rental Guidelines

  • Cabana rental fees:
    • Bruce East ($10) 
    • Bruce West ($10)
    • Fain - North End ($10)
    • Fain - South End ($10)
    • ​Fain - Full ($20)
  • ​Fees are due prior to your rental.
  • Only one cabana is allowed to be reserved per party; there is a (4) hour limit.
  • Maximum of 12 non-member guests allowed per party, with a fee of $5 per guest. Guest fees apply to all guests, even those not swimming. 
  • Parties that total more than 25 guests (including members), will require one (1) weeks prior notice and a non-refundable deposit of $45.00 to cover the cost of additional staffing due 48 hours prior to your rental.  This is in addition to the guest fees and cabana rental fee.
  • All reservations must be approved by the manager and will be added to our online reservation calendar. You will receive an email confirmation once your request has been approved.
  • Members may have one active cabana rental at a time. Members may book a second cabana rental so long as their second request is less than 1-week from the desired date.
  • Reserved Cabanas will be released if your party doesn't show within the first 30 minutes of the reservation.
  • The office will not accept “same day” rental requests.  
  • One BBQ will be guaranteed for your cabana rental.  Please bring your own BBQ tools as we cannot guarantee utensil availability. All other BBQs in a cabana must be shared with other members during your event.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of rentals per day due to capacity issues and other factors.
  • Please scrub the grill, turn off the BBQ gas, and clean up your area after your party.
  • Requests received within 48 hours of desired time may not be accepted.
  • The office will review requests between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. daily.
  • You are responsible for your guests. 

Click here to reserve a cabana.

This will Log you into the Gym Master portal

If you have not used it in a while, click on Forgot Password

If you get a message that your email is not recognized, try using your spouses’ email or another email address that is connected to you. If you are brand new, we may need to enter in an email address for you.

Once you get in, go to bookings and book a cabana. Cabanas should be booked no later than 2 days prior to your reservation. Rentals over 25, must be approved by the manager and a guest list should be submitted.