South Seattle Summer Dive League Championship Meet

SSSDL All City Championship! Saturday, July 30, 2022 @ Normandy Park Swim Club (NPSC)


  • Warm-Up for ALL Teams will start at 8:00 a.m.
  • A judges meeting will be held at 8:40 a.m.
  • Competition begins at 9:00 a.m., with a closed warm-up for 8 & Under

Dive Order: (# of dives required per age group) NO JUMPS ALLOWED

  • 8 & Under (3 dives)
  • 10 & Under (4 dives)
  • 12 & Under (5 dives)
  • 14 & Under (6 dives)
  • Seniors (7 dives)

Attendance of Divers

We will begin lining up the next diving group while the last round begins in the water. For example, if the 8 & under group is diving, just before they start their 3rd round of dives, we will call the 10 & under groups, so we can line them up. This allows the 10 & under group to begin their closed practice as soon as the 8 & unders finish their last round of dives. The 10 & unders will also stay in their water line, so as soon as the 8 & U awards are completed, we will begin the 10 & under diving groups. This process will happen for each diving group, so please prepare your divers to get ready before the last diving round of their preceding group.

Food - TBD

Our concessions will be open all day beginning at 8:00am. In the morning they will serve coffee & hot cocoa and breakfast items.  They will transition over to typical swim/dive meet fare around noon.


Per the SSSDL Operating Plan, NPSC will need at least 2 experienced volunteers for the scoring table from each pool. NPSC will also need at least ONE judge from each pool for each age group. NPSC will provide snacks for volunteers. If volunteers choose to work at least ½ the meet, they will receive a meal ticket for something from the snack shack. All Coaches will receive 2 meal tickets for morning and afternoon. They will also have snacks to enjoy.


Coaches, Dive Team Reps and Volunteers who work the entire meet will receive a parking spot in the parking area. ADA parking is available, please let your team rep know so spots can be reserved.  

More Information

If I do not have an 8 & under diver, do I need to be at the meet by 8am? No. Older divers do have the option to arrive earlier and practice during the open practice from 8-9am, but if they opt not to, they will have the opportunity to dive before their dive round begins with their specific age group.

What time should I be at the meet if I have an older diver? Time will vary. The 8 & U will dive first at 9am. We will begin lining up for the next group (10 & Under) during the last round (3rd dive) of the 8 & U. Once the final diver in the 8 & under group dives, the 10 & Unders will be allowed to practice. This process will happen for each diving group. Prepare your divers to get ready before the last diving round of their preceding group. Thanks!!

Do I leave once my diver finishes all of their dives? No. After an age group has completed their round of dives, the scoring table reviews the results and prepares ribbons for each place. Ribbons are announced and distributed before the next group begins their round of dives. After ribbons have been passed out, divers can stay to cheer on their team or leave the meet.

What happens if I get to the pool too late and my diver doesn’t get a chance to practice before their age group begins? Unfortunately, we will not delay the meet for tardy participants, so they will miss their opportunity to practice if they are late.

What happens if we are late to the meet and they have already started my child’s age group? Typically we can place your child at the end of the line and have them make up their dives, but if your child arrives after their age group has completed their dive rounds, they will not be able to dive.

Can I contact someone at the meet to find out which age group is currently diving? Yes. You can make arrangements with other parents who you know will be at the meet to receive an estimated time. Best practice is to get to the pool earlier, since the duration of age groups’ diving will vary.

How are divers scored? The FINA scoring system is used to score individual divers. Excellent=10; Very Good=8 ½ - 9 ½ ; Good=7.0-8.0; Satisfactory=5.0-6.5; Deficient=2 ½ - 4 ½ ; Unsatisfactory= ½ -2.0; Incorrect Dive=0.