Dues and CIF Info

Payments are not made on the team website.  Each member will be emailed an invoice from QuickBooks, payment can be made online through the link provided.  If you have not received the invoices for CIF or Annual Dues please email [email protected] for a current payment link.


Annual dues are used for the operation and maintenance for the pool season.

Dues must be paid by April 15th. Dues are $675 for General Members and $75 for Senior Members. Dues paid after April 15th will incur a $50.00 late payment fee for General Members in addition to their dues and possible membership termination.


Capital Improvement Fund (CIF)

The Capital Improvement Fund shall be used for past and future improvements to the property. Use of the funds will require general membership approval during the Annual General Meeting. Exceptions shall be made if the improvements needed are required to keep the pool operational.

The Capital Improvement Fund (CIF) dues are due following your first year of membership (example: If you buy in April of 2022 your first CIF payment will be due February 1, 2023).

The CIF fund is a separate budgeted fund that is used to improve the pool facility outside of the yearly operating budget. For the first five year's, fees are $300.00 per membership if purchased after 2020. The fee is then reduced to $100.00 after five years of paying into the fund. The annual CIF payment is due on or before February 1 each year. After February 1, all late payments will incur a $25 late fee.

If you have paid your CIF in full and then choose to sell or relinquish your membership (in accordance with the OVSC Bylaws) prior to April 15 and your account does not have an outstanding balance your CIF will be refunded upon request. Memberships sold or relinquished on or after April 15 will not be refunded their CIF fee

Previous years CIF budget has gone to the following improvements and projects:
  • Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act
  • Construction overages related to new building (2020-2022)
  • Replace the landscape walls around pool deck
  • Repair tennis court cracks and repainted courts
  • Replace water pump in boiler room
  • Replace boys urinal
  • Install and relocate basketball court in northwest corner of the grounds
  • Pay on existing load for deck replacement and north cabana build
  • Update lights in bathrooms
  • Replace toilets in both bathrooms
  • Repair diving board