IMPORTANT MADDOG NEWS - DIVE LESSONS OPEN! One Tuesday Intermediate Level 1 spot at 4 pm open!

Rachel Loy (Manager)
Maddog News for the week of July 13th!
Hello Everyone,
I will get right into it…
Swim lessons and Water Aerobics begin today. All classes are full except 1 spot that opened up for the 4:00 pm Intermediate class on Tuesday. IT will be open to anyone who has not signed up yet. First come, first serve. I will no longer be making any moves unless you all want me to lose my mind. Do not email asking for that spot if you are already in a class. Thank you for keeping me sane. ;)
Friday Water Aerobics Openings - If you are still interested in taking water aerobics and want to do it this Friday, please email me asap and I will reopen the class. We didn’t know if people weren’t signing up because it was advance or it was because it was on a Friday.
Swim Lesson and Water Aerobic Expectations - Please, be patient with our swim lesson instructors as we learn a new way of teaching while social distancing. Also, this is also our first time teaching water aerobics. We may not be our best but promise to get better as we learn your desires. And, no, you don’t get to just float around (lol); it will require you to exercise. :)
DIVE LESSONS - We will be opening REGISTRATION OPEN FOR DIVE LESSONS, Wednesday, July 15th at 6 pm. Please, see the guidelines from our Dive Coordinator:
"Hello OV!,
We are pleased to be able to offer dive lessons to you starting Monday, July 20th. Coach Allison, who has coached our dive team for the past two years, will be the instructor. We are offering some sessions grouped by age and some all-ages sessions for your scheduling convenience, and we ask you to take note of and follow these guidelines:
1. Divers age 8 or under may only participate if they’ve been on dive team in the past.
2. Divers age 9 and up who are new to dive team must pass a swim test, which will occur at the start of the first class.
3. Members who are NOT already participating in swim team or lessons at OV may register starting Wednesday, July 15th. We will open any remaining spots to members already on swim team or in lessons on Friday, July 17th.
Thank you for your understanding regarding these guidelines. Your safety is the most important thing. Coach Allison will help ensure the safety of everyone by limiting certain dives based on diver skill and experience.
Also, please remember that no changing rooms are available; bathrooms are for emergencies only.
Thanks and have fun, everyone!"
Coleen Auxier
Dive and Tennis Coordinator
Olympic View Swim Club
TENNIS REGISTRATIONS - To reserve a court, you will first have to fill out a survey and our president will get back to you. You will agree to some guidelines and then she will give you a link to reserve courts. Do not lose that link as it is not listed on our website.
LAP SWIM - Remember the afternoon Lap Swim is closed  on 7/16 for a swim meet and the following 2 Thursdays afterwards. Morning and Evening are still available.
Thank you all for being so patient as we try to move through this modified opening. It has been grueling but seeing all the little ones in the water this past weekend for Parent - Tot made it worth all the work!
Let's do this together! GO MADDOGS! BEST MEMBERS EVER!
Take care,
Your Maddog Manager, Rachel Loy