Maddog News - LAST DAY IS THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH! Thank you everyone!

Rachel Loy (Manager)


Last Christmas, I sat with three lifeguards in a Starbucks and we talked about the 2020 Summer Season. We had all these great plans on how we would run things and make it the best summer yet. I left that meeting feeling so excited and ready for summer to begin but then COVID-19 hit. I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it was talking to the guards knowing that the pool may never open and try to stay positive knowing that there may not be a job for them. Some guards quit and went to different jobs. But most stayed and worked very minimal hours. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication. We are blessed with some amazing young people!

When we found out that we were approved for lap swim, we were the first of the three pools to make that happen. There was so much to do to get the pool ready and new policies put in place but the board got it done in record time. My huge thank you to our facilities coordinator, Brian Riggs, for working endless hours to make the pool safe, clean and ready along with the tennis courts.

Once we got lap swim set up, the swim team coordinators and coaches raced to get the swim team going in a safe, super coordinated fashion and ending the season with a well deserved 2nd Place Overall at All City. I was amazed at how well everything was run, especially the swim meets. We are very lucky to have such a great swim team community. Thank you to our coordinators, coaches and volunteers! And thank you parents and swimmers for following the rules.

Although we didn’t have a Snack Shack, wasn’t it sweet that our Concessions coordinators went around the neighborhood passing out Ring Pops to our young members just to let the kids know we were thinking about them? For those who didn’t read the email, they delivered tons of goodies before the pool even opened.

It was my goal to make sure we had something for everyone. Once lap swim and swim team was set up, we decided to offer free lessons. They were not perfect and it was really hard for our instructors to teach with masks on and out of the water. It was also hard for the students to learn that way. And then the parents that had to teach while being told what to do. Yes, sir, it wasn’t easy but we did it and I literally started crying with joy watching the first Parent - Tot class. Water Aerobics went so well that we will offer it again next year! Dive lessons were also a great success. We normally just do dive team so this was fun to see new students trying their hands at diving. Thank you to our coordinator and president for getting the lessons going and to the coaches. And thank you Instructors!

Finally, we offered one on one private lessons, something I have always wanted to do. I have watched most of the lessons and I am so impressed with the talented instructors. I just wish we had started it sooner. 

It definitely was not the summer we expected. We miss hearing all the laughing and splashing, the smells of all the grills, the cabana parties, the float in movies, hanging out with good friends. This pandemic has been so hard for all of us especially those of us who love to socialize (such as myself and little kids). I just want to give everyone a big hug and thank you for all your patience and for following the rules but a really big hug for all the kids. They have done so well with following the rules and give me hope that we can get through this.

Finally, I would like to personally thank Jennifer Hefford-Anderson, our president. This is Jennifer’s last year and she has been amazing. She cares so much about this pool and our community and has had to deal with a lot. I can contact Jennifer any time of the day or night and she will answer. She is so tremendously dedicated to this pool and I know that this has been the hardest year yet for her with all the new policies and the building construction project. Please, join me in thanking her for all the many years and may she be playing at the pool next year and relaxing! (Hopefully, we will all be playing at the pool!)

LAST DAY IS THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH! We have to pack up the pool for the construction project.


Have a great Labor Day, Fall and Winter and may we meet again in Spring in a better state of health!


Rachel Loy

OVSC Pool Manager