How to make a reservation and troubleshooting

Rachel Loy (Manager)

Troubleshooting for setting up your Gymmaster Account and setting up a reservation:

1. Go to our website Olympic View Swim Club

2. You do not need to log into TeamUnify

3. Click on the large square when you scroll down that says Tennis/Swim Reservation Here is the direct link

4. Click on Forgot Password. You need to be using your current email to send your reset information to. If you get a message saying it does not recognize your email, you are either booked under your spouse's email, you have the wrong email entered, or you do not have an email entered at all. You will need to contact [email protected] to get an email put in.

5. Look for the reset directions either under your email or your spouse's. 

6. Go to Bookings and click on Swim Pool to look for Open Family Swims or go to Calendar. If you get the message that you are booking too far in advance, it means that you have to wait until two days before the booking time. If you do not see anything, it means it has not been set up yet and will be available shortly. You will need to check back later.

7. Limit your bookings to four times a week so that all members can have access to the pool in our limited capacity.