2020 Swim Lessons Registration


Due to COVID-19, we will have limited class offerings. If you are already enjoying an aquatics program, please allow new registrations first. If there are spots left over still by Friday, by all means, sign-up.

Registration will open at 6:00 pm Wednesday night 7/29 for NEW REGISTRATIONS (Families that have not gotten to use the pool yet); if there are still spots on Friday, you may sign up for any openings. 

All Aquatic Programs are offered for free

  • Sorry, these classes are for members only (with exception for parent aides; see below)

Class Offerings are offered by the day

  • Example: Jane Doe signs-up for Monday at 3:15 pm. Jane Doe will have class every Monday until September 4th. That's only 4 classes but the good news is we are offering the programs for free.

Preschool and Beginner Classes (Level 1 & Level 2) - must have an "adult" participant with child. Mature 15 year olds may participate as the parent as long as they live in the same household per CDC Guidelines. Adult family members or live-in nannies who do not belong to the club may also act as the parent as long as the student is a member of the pool and adult is the one signing up the child.

  • Example: Gina Smith is the student's aunt, Gina must register as a member and sign-up Jane Doe (so as to agree to the COVID Warning and OVSC Waiver).

Intermediate Classes (Level 3) - must have passed Level 2 last year or been on swim team as a speedy sixer. Parent is recommended in case you child starts swimming away and won't return to the wall when directed by the instructor.

Reminder, all members must wear masks while on the pool deck. I recommend bringing a tupperware or ziplock to keep your mask and child's mask dry and at the end of your lane that you in so you can put it on immediately after class. Young toddlers are not recommended to wear masks, so parent-tot must maintain social distancing at all times. Please, refrain from talking loud to cut down on expectoration of saliva. (Impossible for the kids, but that is why the class sizes are so small).

Restrooms will only be open for emergencies - Put sunscreen on at home 30 minutes before class, come to pool in bathing suit, bring a towel to dry up and maybe one for the car.

Make sure you know what you are signing up for - It takes a bit of genius to remove a child from the incorrect class and into a different class. Make sure you are signing up for the right class and what your back-up plan is if that class is full. There will be waiting lists just in case someone does pull out.

Do not sign-up a non-swimmer for Intermediate - I take this very seriously. If you sign-up your non-swimming child for the deep end, I will remove your child from the rest of the classes. If you are not sure, you can always act as your child's swim aide until you are sure they are true intermediate (this means you need to be able to swim in the deep end as well). :)

All classes will be taught per child's skills - If you have a 6 year old who isn't an intermediate but is definately more advance than a typical Beginner Level 1, the instructor will cater your lesson. There are 2 instructors per class to help with this.