2022 Post Season Meet Schedules

Thursday, July 21
Marine Hills Swim & Tennis Club

2:00 – team area opens
2:15 – pool area opens
2:30 – first warm up starts
3:00 – coaches scratch meeting at clerk of course tent (south end of pool)
3:30 – officials meeting
3:40 – timers meeting
3:50 – pool is cleared
3:55 - 4:10 – parade of athletes and first calls 
4:10 – National Anthem
4:15 – meet starts Following the meet there will be a Coach’s Relay and we hope all teams will participate and swimmers will stay and cheer on their coaches

Parking in the neighborhood outside the pool. Please don't park in front of driveways. 

Girls Prelims
Monday, July 25
Olympic View Swim Club

Warm Ups: Warm ups will begin at 2:00

Time Lanes 1-3 Lanes 4-6
2:00-2:20 Marine Hills Olympic View
2:25-2:45 Kent Lakeridge
2:50-3:10 Gregory Seahurst Arbor Heights
3:15-3:35 Normandy Park Twin Lakes

Open Warm Up: 3:35-3:50 (7 per lane limit)

Coaches Meeting: 3:00
Officials Meeting: 3:15
Timers Meeting: 3:30
Pool is Cleared: 3:50
Meet will start at: 4:00 

Parking: Spectators and athletes will park on the street and we have reserved Marvista Elementary School’s parking lot located off of Marine View Drive which is a short walk away. Head east from the lot to 4th Avenue to the pool. It’s the easiest place to park on meet day with a short walk through the grass. This parking lot is super close even for coaches and coordinators. 

Spectators: Our bleachers and tables are limited, please bring folding chairs and tents for shade.  If it's hot, you might want a 10x10!  We will have designated areas in the grass for each team, marked along the fence. 

Concessions: We will be offering concessions. We will open concessions at 4pm.

Bathrooms: Our bathrooms inside the facility are for swimmers only. We will have a standard and an ADA portable bathroom from Green Latrine outside the facility entrance in our parking lot, and a handwashing station. Spectators are to use the outdoor bathrooms and reserve the indoor bathrooms for our athletes so they don’t have to wait in line to use a bathroom and potentially miss their race.   


Boys Prelims

Tuesday, July 25
Normandy Park Swim Club

Warm Ups: Warm ups will begin at 2:00 

Time Lanes 1-3 Lanes 4-6
2:00-2:20 Normandy Park Olympic View
2:25-2:45 Gregory Seahurst Lakeridge
2:50-3:10 Kent Arbor Heights
3:15-3:35 Marine Hills Twin Lakes

Coaches Meeting: 3:00
Officials Meeting: 3:15
Timers Meeting: 3:30
Meet will start at: 4:00 


Parking in our pool lot will be very limited to coaches and those that need ADA parking. Coaches, please carpool if possible, we only have 1-2 spots per team. Please email [email protected] by Saturday, July 23 at 10:00 pm.
Athletes and spectators can park at the Cove (Normandy Park Community Club-see map), which is next door to the pool. Please note that this is a private property that graciously shares their parking lot with us. Please be carful near the building to not drive on sprinkler
heads. And no parking in the beach lot.

If The Cove lot is full, legal street parking in VERY limited by the pool. There is a lot at City Hall (Normandy Park Police Department which has space and is a 10 minute walk.

Spectators: Our bleachers and tables are limited, please bring folding chairs and tents for shade.  If it's hot, you might want a 10x10!  We will have designated areas in the grass for each team, marked along the fence. 

Concessions: We will be offering concessions. We will open concessions at 4pm and we
will have a special coach meal table. 

Volunteers: We are asking each pool to send 2 timers, 1 official and 1 volunteer for staging or help back-up timing. Send the names of volunteers by Saturday, July 23 at 10:00 pm to [email protected]

Bathrooms: We have bathrooms in our locker rooms. If a swimmer is in line and has a race coming up, please let them get to the front of the line.


Greater Seattle Summer Swim League
2022 Mark Prothero Southern Division Championship
Thursday, July 28th at 4:00pm

● The lot at Lakeridge is reserved for officials and staff ONLY. No general parking.
● Visitors may park in the neighborhood, the parking lot at Lakeridge Lutheran Church (one block north), and the Lakeridge Elementary School lot. See attached map. If you park in the school lot, go down the grassy hill at the end of the lot and look for balloons
to access the pool property. Please do not block our neighbors’ driveways. It is suggested that swimmers and families carpool to the meet.
● If you need a disabled parking spot, please email [email protected] bySunday, July [email protected] 6 pm. (disabled parking spaces saved by prior reservation only).

Swimmer Drop Off - DROP OFF BEGINS AT 2:00 PM
● Swimmer drop-off will be at the pool entrance on 76th Ave S, beginning at 2:00 PM. See attached map for parking lots, drop-off location and driving directions.

Covid Protocol
● King County Covid levels are currently high; masks are recommended by the CDC.
● Masks are requested in the restrooms. Live Streaming of Results are NOT Permitted at Southerns or Northerns
● The GSSSL Operating Plan states: “Hosting clubs will not “live stream” meet results and meet results are not to be posted, on-line, until 10:00pm the night of the meet.”
● This means that Meet Mobile, or similar apps, are not to be used.

Warm Up Times:
Time Team Lanes

* indicates sprint lane

Time Lanes 1, *2, 3 Lanes 4, *5, 6
2:30-2:50 Lakeridge Marine Hills Kent 
2:50-3:10 Olympic View Marine Hills
3:10-3:30 Arbor Heights  Gregory Seahurst
3:30-3:50 Normandy Park Twin Lakes

Clerk of Course:
● Clerk of Course will be near the dive tank. Please notify your swimmers of this location and have them proceed clockwise around the pool to get to the Clerk of Course by the first call of their event. See attached fancy map for more information.
Team Areas:
● All teams will be on the tennis courts. Look for Team Signs. Bleachers are for spectators.
General Operations:
● We will have a concession area offering an assortment of food and beverages for sale - including Lakeridge Noodles! - starting at 2 PM. Cash or credit.
● Heat sheets will be for sale for $5 each.
● T-shirts will be available for purchase: $20 per shirt or $35 for two shirts. Timer and Stroke & Turn Judges:
● S&T Judges will meet at 3:30 PM on the front lawn; timers will meet at 3:40 PM on the front lawn.We look forward to seeing you on July 28th!

All City
Kent Swim & Tennis Club 
Tuesday, August 2, at 4:00pm

Warm Ups:





Twin Lakes



Marine Hills






Gregory Seahurst



Olympic View



Normandy Park



Arbor Heights



Open- South Teams



Sand Point



View Ridge






Aqua Club



Blue Ridge



Sheridan Beach






Innis Arden



Open- North Teams



Open- All South Teams



Open- All North Teams