2019 Registration, Meet Check-In and Job Sign Ups

Please make sure to complete the registration all the way to the end. If it was completed correctly you should receive a confirmation email.

Regular Swim Team Registration


**Registration closes on June 15, this is the deadline for GSSSL**

Buyout Option (additional $120 per family)


Work Share for Swim Meet(s) Agreement

Prior to each hosted event there will be a list of available jobs. If you don't sign up someone who represents your family, you either are making someone available to fill the job as needed at the day of the meet or have elected to pay the "buyout" option which entitles your family to opt out of participating in required work hours as it relates to each team.

This season we have 3 home meets (each family is required to work every home meet when their children participate). For home meets, if you do not have a child swimming (vacation, sick, can’t make it etc.) you are NOT expected to work that meet.

In addition to the three home meets, each family is required to participate in one post season meet. B Champs, Girls Prelims, Boys Prelims, Southerns or All City. 

Swim Meet Check In/Job Sign Ups - https://www.teamunify.com/EventsCurrent.jsp?_tabid_=41271&team=recssovwa