Tennis Court Signup Information/Facebook Tennis Group and Private Lessons

Our tennis courts are open for members to use by reservation. Click here to schedule through our member portal. If you are a member of OVSC, you should already have a pass word, you might have to have a new one sent to you.

Looking to connect with other OV tennis enthusiasts or looking for a tennis partner? Check out the Tennis group on our Facebook page. Here is the link to that:


Kevin Stam grew up in the Normandy Park area. He attended high school in North Seattle and graduated from UW-Seattle in 2015. Kevin enjoys all outdoor sports and discovering the Pacific Northwest. In the past, he has been a summer camp counselor with CYO, private French instructor, ski instructor at the Summit at Snoqualmie, and seasonal tennis instructor for SkyHawks. He enjoys teaching people from all backgrounds and allowing them to exceed their own expectations!

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The Maddog Tennis Team is for OVSC Members only.

2021 Coaching Team: TBD

For more information about tennis at OV, email the tennis coordinator at: [email protected]

Deadline for Registration : TBD

Season Starts: TBD

Practice Days: Monday through Thursday. Friday practices are for rain make-ups as needed.

OVSC Tennis Team FAQ’s

Q:  What are the age limits for the tennis team?

A:  We recommend 7-18. No experience is necessary. We welcome boys and girls, beginners and experienced players.

Q:  Do I need to be a member of OVSC to join the team?

A:  Yes, You must be a member in good standing (dues paid) at OVSC. 

Q:  Is it possible to participate in multiple teams at OVSC (i.e., tennis and swim)?

A:  Yes, check with the coaches to coordinate practice times if necessary.

Q:  What happens the first day?

A:  Come to the appropriate practice time based on your age and experience. After the first couple of days, the coaches may re-balance the groups to even out the numbers.

Q:  What should I bring to practice?

A:  Bring your own racket, a can of unopened tennis balls, a bottle of water and sunscreen. You can also bring healthy snacks, but you must keep the court area clean and pick up after yourself. A hat or visor would also be a good idea. Proper tennis shoes are also a must. Come dressed to play! (no flip-flops)

Q:  Is it possible to change groups during the season?

A:  Yes, if you need to change groups, please talk with the coaches.

Q:  Does the team have a uniform?

A:  Yes. OV offers a tennis team shirt.

Q:  What type of shorts or tennis skirts are recommended?

A:  Shorts or skirts with pockets are best.

Q:  Do all players, regardless of skill level, play in the matches? Does everyone have to play in matches?

A:  When a player understands the rules of the game and has the skills to serve and volley, they will be ready for competition matches. The coaches will determine who is ready. However, it’s fine to join the team just for the instruction and fun.  

Q:  What happens the day of a match?

A:  There regular morning practice that day. The coaches will post the list of players. The matches will consist of singles, doubles, girls, boys and mixed doubles by age. Please let the coaches know if your child is interested in playing in the match and is not listed on the roster.

Q:  Do you arrange private and semi-private lessons?

A:  Yes. Contact the coaches directly.

Q:  When should I talk to the coaches?  

A:  The coaches are available to answer any questions either in person or by e-mail.