2019 Volunteer Contacts / Leads

Here you can find who's involved in the various things that have to get done for the Penguins season to go smoothly. Leads are listed first, and team members next. Try finding this person at a meet or contacting them some other way if you have questions.

Responsibility Role Name
Vice Chairperson for Swim Meets: Culleton, Jimmy
Timers Lead Salsbury, Christian
Computer Operations Co-Lead Rolleri, Kirsten
Co-Lead Travis, Lisa
Team Member Laney, Vic
Team Member Moore, Brian
Colorado System Operators Lead Piper, Jeanne and Bob
Team Member
Team Member Jolly, Morgan
Team Member Pometta, Darin
Team Member
Computer/Colorado Setup Crew Team Member Young, Kevin
Team Member
Compter/Colorado Take Down Team Member Quick, Clyde
Stroke and Turn Lead Mark Nordberg
Team Member Barankin, Nathan
Team Member Cole, Jeff
Team Member Cole, Rob
Team Member Easterling, Lori
Team Member Woods, Monica
Team Member Davey, Mike
Team Member Ouchi, Tricia
Team Member
Team Member Yeager, Sue
Team Member Smith, Charles
Team Member Wasilchin, Jason
Clerk of the Course Co-Lead Hunt, Jenny
Co-Lead Jacobsen, Michelle
Deck Operations/Meet Officials Co-Lead Urkov, Mike
Co-Lead Cole, Rob
Referee/Stroke & Turn/SSL Rep Lead Culleton, Jimmy
Hospitality Lead Kelly Stroud/Meredith Grandenetti
Ready Bench Co-Lead Davey, Caryn
BBQ/Food Co-Lead Quessenberry, Jim
Co-Lead Laborde Lagrave, Giles
Team Member
Team Member
Parking Co-Lead Shiltz, Chad
Co-Lead Purk, Steve
Records Lead Kimmelshue, Joel, Hardy, Terry
Meet Information Table/Volunteer Check In Lead Wiley, Diane
Team Tents Lead Shiltz, Chad
Team Member
Starters Lead Kimmelshue, Joel
Team Member Castillo, Brandon
Team Member Hunt, Jenny
Announcers Lead Chalios, Dean
Team Member Gordon, Scott
Team Member
Sound System/PA Lead Consantino, Mike
Runners Lead Mills, Jessica
Ribbon Writers Co-Lead Tam, Ellen
Co-Lead Testa, Beth
Vice Chairperson for Social Events: Delucchi, Rachelle; Horst, Christa
Registration Brunch Lead Topp, Moria
15-18 party/activities Lead Dutra, Allison/Delucchi, Rachelle
11-14 party Lead Mikacich, Wendy
9-10 party Lead
8 & under party Co-Lead
Swim-a-Thon Co-Lead Krause, Amy
Co-Lead Jacobsen, Michelle
Teriyaki Dinner - Luau - Welcome Dinner Lead Dutra, Alison and Mimi and her dad
Pasta Night Lead Lindsey, Misha
Awards Night Lead
Trophies Co-Lead Hardy, Terry
Slide Show Lead Lapointe, Brandon
Photos Lead Perelman, Steve
Vice Chairperson for Administration, Finance, Volunteers Riddell, Laura
Website/Online Registration Lead Levine, Matt
Team Communications Lead Riddell, Laura
Parent Buddy System Lead Lancara, Matt
Handbook Review Lead Boss, Megan
Swim Team Survey Lead Jimmy Culleton
Apparel Lead Salisbury, Kim
Picture Day Boss, megan
Coach Liaison Hason, Steve
Coach Pay Lead Boss, Megan
Coach Hiring Committee Lead KimmelshueJoel
Coach Consultant Lead Hanson, Steve
Penguinettes Lead Haley, Jenny
Team Member
Team Member
Swimmer Eligibility Lead Riggs, Janet
Team Member Culleton, Jimmy
Treasurer Lead Boss, Megan
Volunteer Tracking Lead Laura Riddel
Champs Book Lead Culleton, Jimmy