2020 Volunteer Contacts / Leads

Here you can find who's involved in the various things that have to get done for the Penguins season to go smoothly. Leads are listed first, and team members next. Try finding this person at a meet or contacting them some other way if you have questions.

Aquatics Chair- Mark Nordberg marksnordberg@gmail.com
Vice Chair of Swim Meets- Operations- Kirstin Rolleri kirstenrolleri@gmail.com

Vice-Chair for Swim Meets (Hospitality and Set-Up)    -Jack Mills


Vice-Chair for Social Events-Rachelle Delucchi

Vice-Chair for Communications and Volunteers- Laura Riddell laura.riddell@hotmail.com
Vice-Chair for Finance, Staffing and Apparel- Megan Boss megan@ptswimtennis.com
Vice-Chair of Coaching- Janet Riggs jrsunwest@sbcglobal.net

Click HERE for the full volunteer contact list