1. Families must complete 12 hours of volunteer time, of which at least 3 must be at a swim meet (home or away).
  2. If a family joins the season late, we will prorate their volunteer hours.
  3. If your children do not participate at swim meets you are still required to meet the full volunteer responsibility.
  4. Failure to meet all your volunteer hours will result in a $400 assessment on your PT statement.
  5. Any exceptions to the volunteer requirements must get approval in advance from the volunteer coordinator or the Aquatics Chair

What can you do? Click here to see the different volunteer positions!

All Lead/organizer positions give 12 hours. If you lead an event- you get all your hours!


  • If you have one or more swimmers in Champs, you must complete at least two volunteer shifts at Champs, except:
    • If your swimmers are only swimming one day at Champs, you only need to do one shift;
  • Hours worked at Champs do not count toward the 12-hour per-season family commitment.


Families who do not complete the minimum hours and (if applicable) Champs shift(s) will be charged $450 on their Park Terrace statement.


  • To sign up for volunteer hours, simply go to the Meets & Events area, click the "Job Signup" button for any event, and find an open slot.
  • To check how many hours you have left to work, go to the Service Hours page in the "My Invoice/Payment" section (you will need to sign in to the site if you have not already done so to view this page).
  • Any exceptions to the volunteer requirements must get approval from the volunteer coordinator or the Aquatics Chair, Mark Nordberg.

These requirements are necessary to conduct a volunteer swim season successfully. We have audited all our events to make sure the 6 hours is what is needed for the swim meets and all of our social activities. We need family volunteers at all of our events, including away swim meets.