Adult members may rent the ball machine for $20/hour in the club office. Kids may use the ball machine if accompanied by an adult the entire time.

Be sure to read the ball machine instructions below to save time on the court.  Regardless, we do understand that there is a bit of a learning curve in operating the ball machine.  If you go over an hour of use, that is not a problem (if no one is waiting). 

You will find that using the ball machine is quite a workout.  The ball machine is the most fun with two or more people, so find a partner or two to share hitting time and the rental fee!  It's nice to have one person rounding up balls while one person his hitting.  Or share the rental among three people with one person hitting, one person rounding up balls, and one person videoing.  Or have the third person volleying returns. 

You can also reserve a time in advance by stopping by or calling during open hours (206-244-6557).

Ball Machine Instructions