Tennis is gaining in popularity at the club and the courts are being utilizing more and more by member play and for various activities, including clinics, ball machine drop-ins, and tournaments.  This is a very good thing for the membership and we have purposely made the activities super inclusive and affordable for all abilities.  We have also limited the clinic usage to just two courts, so there will always be two courts available for member use.  Regardless, the courts are getting much more activity than prior years.  We have added a tennis court usage calendar below.  Click the link below to see when the courts are utilized by tennis team practice, matches, lessons, clinics, tournaments, etc.

Tennis Court Usage

Also, as the courts are getting much use, we are adopting a standard tennis etiquette protocol to be used when all courts are occupied.  If all courts are in use and you would like to be next on a court, you can “Racket” a court to ensure you are next up.  Simply lean your racket up against a net post and let the players on the court know “you’ve got next” after they finish their set.  The players may finish their set, then you are up next.  Alternatively, you may sit on the bench in front of the court in use until the set is completed.  Members may not “Racket” more than one court at a time.