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These prices don't just buy you full access to our beautiful outdoor pool and tennis courts, they also get you into the tight-knit community of families from the surrounding area. Compare our rates to other private clubs in the'll find that our rates are a great deal! Better yet, there's NO WAITING LIST

Once your application is turned in and has been given approval -- that's it, you're in!

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2022     Marine Hills Swim & Tennis Club Membership Pricing
Fund Fee
Sales Tax
Total Cost
F ees **
  Fish & Tree
 Half Season

Note: All annual dues, operating fund, and maintenance fees are subject to 10.1% sales tax



**Maintenance fees are due on Opening Day unless work hours are completed prior to that date. The fees may, however, be refunded back if work hours are completed on or before the closing work party in September. Fish & Tree memberships are required to work 10 hours and Social memberships are required to work 5 hours. There are no Maintenance requirements for Emeritus (Retired) members.