2021 Swim Team Practice Schedule

Pre-Season Swim Team Practice Beginning Wednesday, May 26th - Monday through Friday


Advanced Swimmers

3pm - 4pm


4:15pm - 5pm

*Speedy Sixers

*check with coach

Children six and under need to demonstrate that they can swim one length of the pool to be eligible to participate in team events. 

Although the preseason swim times are short, the MH coaches suggests that this is key conditioning time, before we get into our competitive season.  All swimmers are encouraged to get started right from the first practice!

Summer Swim Team Practice beginning Monday, June 21st - Monday through Friday

Advanced Group


Intermediate Group


Beginner Group


*Coaches will decide which group your swimmer/s will be in based upon evaluation.

*Note practice times will stay the same unless changes occur in our City/County/State due to the current circumstances. 

Some changes in these practice times may be necessary depending on the number of swimmers in each age group. It is our goal that swimmers practice with their age group to build relay experience and camaraderie. Additional stroke development can be obtained if your child is enrolled in Swim Prep that follows the practice. Please see the office for availability, times and enrollment dates.  Marine Hill’s coaches encourage consistent practice attendance, positive attitudes, and good work ethic.