Meet lineups will be posted the afternoon of the meet after 8 & Under Practice.

  • This allows the coaches to make changes to lineups as swimmers availability changes and allows the volunteers to enter the swimmers into the computer system for the meet.

The lineup will show which events swimmers are in and relay order.

  • Individual events will be marked with a circle.
  • Relays will be marked with a letter to indicate relay teams.
    • Medley relays will be followed with the stroke the swimmer will be performing in the relay (BK=Backstroke, BR=Breaststroke, FL=Butterfly, FR=Freestyle)
    • Free Relay Team Letter will be followed by a number which will indicate the order of the relay (1=First, 2=Second, 3=Third, 4=Fourth)

Heat and Lane assignment will be shown on the Heat Sheet which will be posted with or briefly after the Line Up is posted.

Important Line Up Knowledge:

Line Ups are designed with much thought and care. Many factors affect how each lineup is created. Specific coaches are responsible for different age groups. All line up requests, questions, comments, and concerns should be given through hard copy to the coaches via the “Coaches Box” (located in front of the office) or through email.

  • Competitiveness (as a team and as individuals)
    • This is competitive swimming and lineups are created with the intent of creating a competitive atmosphere among individuals and teams.
  • Age Group Size (availability of swimmers)
    • With a limited number of events and lanes per meet, larger age groups can be difficult to get everyone their favorite events every meet.
    • In some of our smaller age groups we may have only a few swimmers who can perform strokes legally.
    • When swimmers go on vacation, get sick or have other obligations, other swimmers will be asked to fill their events.
  • Team Size (time constraints)
    • There are 72 events and meets run for hours. We have over 200 swimmers on our team and there are several teams with over 200 as well. There are meets where swimmers will be in fewer events to save time and get everyone home at a reasonable hour. We will try to be fair with the distribution of events.
  • Swimmer Preference
    • Often swimmers have very strong feelings about what they want and do not want to swim. It is recommended that they express these feelings through the “Coaches Box” in the office with a letter.
    • Preferences will be considered but not guaranteed.
    • Swimmer’s level of confidence and fun are important factors as well. We want our swimmers to be confident in what they are swimming and feel prepared for their events.
  • Parent Preference
    • Parents often have very strong feelings about what they want their children swimming.
    • Coaches recommend consulting with their children about what they want and leaving messages in the Coaches Box as well.