Wedgwood Coaches


Matt Miller, Head Coach [email protected]

Happy return of Summer to all my lovely Wedgwood families. This will be my 21st season as a coach of this amazing team and my 35th summer involved with it in some capacity!  I don't think I can overstate how excited I am to get back on the Wedgwood deck this summer and continue my work with this wonderful community and team:) During the 'offseason' I teach PE and Wellness at Lakeside School, while coaching their Girls and Boys Swim & Dive teams. I also coach baseball every spring at Blanchet High School. I invite all of you to come chat with me and fill me in on how you've all been over the past few years - especially if you're new to the pool!! I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Peter Hoff [email protected]

Hey Wedgwood Swim Team! This will be my 10th year coaching WW swim team and 24th year as a part of the team. I truly love coaching summers at Wedgwood and the friendships that I have made and the friendships I get to see being made. During the school year, I am a kindergarten teacher at the Experimental Education Unit.  When I have had free time from school, I mostly spend it dreaming about the summertime, paddle boarding and adventuring with my son Hudson and my wife Jena.


Kai Haven [email protected]

Wedgwood is a place where I feel at home and cherish the people in this community. This is my fifth summer as a coach. I graduated from the University of Puget Sound last year with a Bachelors degree. I am currently working on receiving my Masters degree in teaching at UPS and will be done in August! I hope to have a summer as full of Wedgwood as I can while I finish my thesis. I always carry the WW spirit along with me. This is the spirit of community, inclusion, and feeling the importance of swimming with heart.

Hanna Parker [email protected]

This was my third summer coaching the team! I am currently working in Redlands, CA doing research on whales. I can't wait to hear about the rest of the season!






Ruby Brown [email protected]

After graduating last year with 13 lovely years at Wedgwood under my belt, I am so beyond excited to return this summer as an assistant coach. I can’t wait for an amazing season and am excited to see some familiar faces in the pool as well as meeting new swimmers and families!