Our meets are dependent on volunteers and can not run without you!  We ask that one parent from each family volunteer three times throughout the season. 

Best seats in the house!


Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator with questions regarding volunteering.  Sign up online online for each meet.


Remember:  Each time you volunteer your name is entered into a drawing for a prize at the end of the season.


All volunteers are required to check in with the volunteer coordinator upon arrival.  The volunteer coordinator will give you any instructions and/or supplies needed to do your job for the meet.


This is the most important job and the most needed position we have. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet. Each lane will have 2-3 timers (maybe changed due to Covid restrictions). Timers stand behind the block and time each swimmer in their assigned lane. Stop watches are provided by the team at each meet. You do not need any special qualifications to be a timer. You must attend a meeting which will be held before the start of the meet, so please listen for the announcement. You must be signed in before the timer meeting and our goal is have enough timers so that you will only have to time for one half of the meet.  This means, for instance, that if we are being required to time in two lanes, we will need 8 timers for that meet.  Needless to say, it is very hot in Louisiana in the summer and we are trying to limit the time each person has to time. In order for this to continue to work, it requires more people to step up. Each timer will have a stopwatch to time the swimmer and one timer in each lane will have a clipboard in order to record the times onto index cards. More information on timing will be given at the meets. This job is less time than some of the others but depending on the venue can be out in the sun. We realize not everyone can handle the sun but that simply means we need your help somewhere else. 


This position will require you to work closely with the data entry people as well as the timers. This is a very important position as the meet cannot run smoothly without the cards getting from the timers to the scorer. This position is perfect for someone who is active and does mind getting a bit of a workout at the meet. This is also a position that we will be asking for twice as many people as required of us since it is a position that we want to change out frequently to prevent fatigue.

Clerk of Course:

This position also requires a very organized and patient person. This position will call and organize the swimmers into their events and begin to get them ready for their swim. This person basically is the point of contact for the swimmer as they prepare for their swim. This position allows for you to sit down and is covered. 


At home meets, we will need one or two people in order to help work the scoring area. This job is good for someone who is very detail oriented and good with a computer and data entry. The scorer will enter all times into the computer, go through DQ slips to properly mark the results, print out results after each event is completed and then post the results at the meet.

Heat Sheet Sales: 

At home meets, we will need one or two people to sell heat sheets.  Heat sheets list out the order of the meet and lets swimmers, parents and volunteers know which swimmers will be swimming in each event.

Fundraising Sales:

At large meets we often will have fundraisers such as a 50/50 raffle or an actual raffle table set up with donated items to raffle off.  We will need one or two people to man this table and sell tickets.  This will give you an opportunity to sit under the shaded breezeway.