Swim Groups

The Pinewood Porpoises Swim Team has four swim groups in which swimmers are placed.  Both age and ability are taken into consideration when placing a swimmer in a particular group.  The grouping helps the coaches maximize their time with the swimmers and allows the swimmers to also learn from one another.  Please stick to your assigned practice group and do NOT attend a different practice unless specified by the Head Coach.

GOLD GROUP (Generally swimmers over 12 years of age)

GOLD GROUP is the senior group of swimmers on the Porpoises Swim Team.  These swimmers are capable of performing all four competitive strokes easily and most have been swimming for at least a couple of years.

SILVER GROUP (Generally swimmers between 9 and 12 years of age)

SILVER GROUP is the older intermediate group of swimmers on the Porpoises Swim Team.  These swimmers generally know all four strokes, but may still need some technique instruction and endurance building.  Some younger swimmers may be placed into this group if capable.

BLUE GROUP (Generally swimmers under the age of 8)

BLUE GROUP is the beginner group of swimmers on the Porpoises Swim Team.  These swimmers are still learning the basic fundamentals of swimming and have not yet built up stamina and endurance.  All new swimmers under 8 will be in this group.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Evening Practices:

(Tues., Wed., & Thurs. during June & July; 6:45pm-7:45pm & 7:45-8:45pm)

These practices have been assigned ONLY for swimmers who signed up for evening practices at registration.  These practices will be assigned by the coaches based on number of swimmers, abilities and ages.