Santa Teresa Sea Otters

We are looking for parents who are willing to learn more about the Board and take an active role this year. Our team is entirely volunteer-run so please join us now as a Board member for the 2022 season! 


The President has general supervision of the Board of Directors (BOD), runs and manages all BOD meetings, initiates relationships and details related to Coaching staff, manages all team communication - including general communication, Facebook posts, season NewSplashs. The President is the liaison, along with the VP, for the team, at League meetings, and votes on the team’s behalf, items related to League bylaws, League meets and decisions impacting swimmers. The President is the liaison with the Rancho Board, always working to foster a positive, mutually beneficial relationship with the club, in order to preserve the wellness and balance of the team. The President is the coordinator and facilitator of all decisions related to the team, in collaboration with the BOD, and is the voice of the team. In order to be successful in this role, one should be organized, open-minded, a solid communicator, a delegator, and a good multi-tasker.
FUNDRAISING:   The Fundraising Chair(s) run several fundraising campaigns each season. This is a great volunteer opportunity for parents that are ready to give back to the team and have time in the early spring to set up fun fundraisers for the swim season.  We always have time to see our swimmers swim and find this position very manageable. You can easily tailor this position if you have ideas of your own! We would be happy to help you learn the ropes.
CHAMPS LIAISON:  The Champs Liaison is the liaison with the host team for champs-related items. Organize, collect money for, and distribute the spirit shirt. Collect and turn in program orders, program ad orders and money to the host team. (You are not obligated to design the ads, you can just have our team send ads or photos directly to their program person.) Have the team sign the “Good Luck Otters” and “Meet The Otters” pages, and scan and send them to the host team. Coordinate senior information that is announced at last home meet and at Champs. Coordinate and/or delegate design of senior pages and senior posters. Coordinate or delegate purchase and distribution of parade spirit items. Coordinate Raffle Basket for Champs or make sure someone is put in charge of it. The Champs Lead is not responsible to be the head of planning Champs when we host, but will need to contribute to the committee. 

2022 Sea Otter Board Contact List

Position Name Phone Email
Chair Stacy Valenta 408-891-1375 [email protected]
Vice Chair Mark Kleiner 408-888-5469 [email protected]
Secretary & Communications Tanja Luemmen-Seidel 408-833-9956 [email protected]


Lois Vargas 408-506-8325 [email protected]
Historian/Team Records Lars Samson 408-472-1327 [email protected]
Activities Edie Fischer 408-921-0023

[email protected]

Awards & Ribbons

Nicole King


[email protected]
CHAMPS Liaison OPEN    
Equipment Torsten Partsch 919-672-8183 [email protected]



[email protected] 

Membership Jennifer Fusilero 408-396-5054 [email protected]
Merchandise Alycia Watanabe 408-375-5518

[email protected]

New Sea Otter Liaison

Dina Mansuy 408-340-8842 [email protected]
Snack Shack Stefanie Taylor 408-712-1467 [email protected]
Technical Records Tiffany Nyberg 408-656-8853 [email protected]

Allison Rice &

Alicia LaMarche



[email protected]
Webmaster Sara Seipert 408-504-2530 [email protected]