Santa Teresa Sea Otters


Les Greenwood has served as a swim instructor, age group coach, select meet coach and head coach, as well a meet manager beginning in 1996. He has a deep and abiding love for the sport of swimming and athletics in general. His devotion to helping young men and women learn the art of competitive swimming has derived from racing experiences of his own during youth. He trained under a gold medal winning Olympian and several nationally recognized instructors, over a period of two decades to understand the complexity of developing as a swimmer.


Coach Jerry has over 30 years of coaching experience with an extensive and diverse background. He has coached at Pioneer, Valley Christian and Santa Teresa High Schools, and coached 3 CCS Champions. He has also coached at San Jose Aquatics and Valley Splash. While he was a coach at San Jose State University, alongside Pablo Morales, they took 2 swimmers to NCAAs, and he also coached 2 swimmers to the Olympic Trial level, with one making her country’s Olympic team.


Hello! My name is Enrique Munguia and I was a previous sea otter for 6 years! I started coaching the little ones about a year ago and it’s been an incredible experience! I enjoy getting in the water with them and being able to help them one-on-one with their technique and any other help they need. I absolutely love this team because of the fun and hard-working atmosphere not only we as coaches but also all the kids grasp onto. I’m honored to be able to coach another year and I hope to meet you all!