Santa Teresa Sea Otters

Santa Teresa Sea Otters Volunteer Descriptions

  • Set Up: Help set up for the meet, including setting up tables, chairs, sound system, easy-ups, etc. 6:30 am start time
  • Registration: You will explain to the swimmers how to register.  The swimmers will initial their name on pink (girls) or blue (boys) paper and circle the events they will be swimming in.  If the swimmer is not swimming an event next to their name they should put an "x" over that event.  Finally, you should tell the swimmer (or swimmer's parent) to put all of the event numbers on their hand in permanent ink. 6:45 am start time
  • Snack Bar and BBQ Helper: You will help serve, prepare food and clean up in the snack bar. BBQ Helpers will cook at the BBQ, serve food and help with clean up. Times available throughout the day.
  • Computer Aid: Assists with data entry of swimmers' information for meet using software similar to EXCEL.
  • Announcer: Announce the upcoming swim events during the swim meet.
  • Clerk of the Course: You will help line up the swimmers for their events. You will be standing under a pop up and working directly with the swimmers.
  • Head Starter: Announce the start for each heat. You will announce the swimmers in each event in either the first or second half of the meet.
  • Head Timer: The overall timer of the first or second half of the swim meet.
  • Recorder:  You will sit in a chair behind the timers and write down the times for the swimmers in your lane (assigned at the meet).
  • Timer: You will sit in a chair and use a stopwatch to time the swimmers in your lane (assigned at the meet).
  • Runner: You will transport heat sheets, DQ slips and other documents between the stroke and turn judges, the recorders, and the clerk of the course.  You may also be asked to carry water bottles from the snack shack to the working volunteers. Check in at Office for your shift.
  • Referee: The overall monitor for the first or second half of the swim meet.  This position requires a working knowledge of the cabana club rules and the USA swimming rules.
  • Stroke and Turn: Judge the swimmers stroke and turns in the first or second half of the meet.  This position requires special training.
  • Ribbons and Awards: You will sit at a table and put the correct labels on the ribbons for the swimmers. The times for this position are independent of the first and second shift times.
  • Take Down the Meet: You will help take down the meet, including putting away chairs, tables, sound system, easy ups, etc. Start time at the end of the meet (approximately 12:45 pm) 

Please note that first shift end times and second shift start times are approximate. First shift volunteers cover the first half of the swim meet - Medley Relay, Butterfly and Backstroke events. Second shift volunteers cover the second half of the swim meet - Breaststroke, Freestyle and Freestyle Relay events.