El Dorado Hills Tasmanian Devils

1021 Harvard Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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1021 Harvard Way, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.
See below for notes to visiting teams from El Dorado Taz
A map and directions are located on the LBD website, http://www.loomisdolphins.org/
Essentially, from Highway 50, exit north on El Dorado Hills Blvd. The pool
is on the right about a mile or so from the Highway 50. Enter the complex by taking a right on St. Andrews Drive (north of the pool), followed by a right into the CSD complex.
If the El Dorado Hills Ramp is CLOSED due to construction, please use Bass Lake Road (via Hwy 50 West or Country Club. Turn right (North) on Bass Lake. Drive approximately 2 miles to a left turn on Serrano Parkway. Follow Serrano Parkway to Silva Valley Parkway and turn right. Turn left on Harvard Way (at the high school) and continue to El Dorado Hills Blvd. The pool is at the corner of Harvard Way and El Dorado Hills Blvd.
Parking is available in the main lots in the CSD complex. Entrances to these lots
are available from Harvard Way and St. Andrews Drive.
Team Areas:
The visiting team area is in the quad just outside the main entrance to the pool. We are pursuing safety approvals with the fire department that would allow your club access to the lawn area just inside the main gate. We will provide a table for sign-
in near the main gate of the pool.
Touch Pads :
 We will use Colorado Aquagrip touch pads as the primary timing system, which is displayed on the scoreboard. Note that the scoreboard always displays the touchpad time. We will use two manual plungers as backups and a manual watch in each lane. Younger swimmers commonly finish races by grabbing the top of the gutter or placing their hand over the gutter. These finishes, while legal, may fail to activate the touch pad.
Please let your parents know that the backup and manual systems in place will capture and report the times correctly, even if the correct time is not displayed on the scoreboard.
Starting Blocks Area:
Access to the starting blocks area and athlete ready area is restricted to meet officials (including timers), athletes, and coaches. All athletes except the swimmer in the water and the next relay athlete must remain in the athlete ready area, which is the second row of shade tents behind the blocks. Parents are not permitted in front of the barriers at either end of the pool.
Snack Bar:
We’ll have a full snack bar operating for your swimmers and families, including pizza, coffee, soda, water, breakfast burritos, burritos, doughnuts, bagels, and assorted snacks.
Junior Taz and Friends:
EDH will have two opportunities for the Junior Taz and Friends to swim. Formal entries are not required, and there are no heat
-lane assignments for these youngsters. We invite all non-swimming youngsters of age 6 and below to swim with the Junior Taz. The Junior Taz and Friends events will precede the 6&U 25-yard Freestyle and 25-yard Backstroke. Participants will receive a ribbon at the end of the pool. Coaches are encouraged to assist these young swimmers as required.