~Welcome to Jr Cudas~

Junior Barracudas is a swim program that focuses on freestyle and basic swim  team knowledge designed to prepare children for the Broadstone Swim Team. If time  allows during each 4-week session, swimmers may begin backstroke and beginning  diving instruction as well. Our program invites swimmers ages 4-7 to participate. It is  imperative for the safety of our swimmers that participants are water safe and ready  to learn. BSC offers other programs to prepare children for confidence in the water.  Each practice will be taught by 2-3 coaches who remain in the water with the  students the whole time. We want your child to feel comfortable, be successful, and  have fun! There is one, 4-week session scheduled currently. 


Program Qualifications: CHILDREN MUST BE ABLE TO

  • Swim with his/her face in water​ with no tears
  • Float on his/her back independently
  • Take instruction from various coaches and be active listeners​
  • Kick independently across the pool on a kickboard. 

Cost: $115 per session (8 classes M/Th) or $65 (4 classes- pick only one day)

2022 Fall session: Sept 19 - Oct 13 (In the Family Pool). 5:30-6pm- Monday&Thursdays

How to Register: Forms are available at the front desk. You must sign-up at the front desk of the club as there is no online registration. 

Questions?: Please email at [email protected]


Coach Jen started teaching group swim lessons and lifeguarding in high school and later coached the water polo and swim teams at St. Francis High school. She started swimming at the age of 3 and swam all throughout her childhood as well as played water polo for U.C. Davis. She currently is a PE teacher at Sutter Middle school in Sacramento. She will teach the skills needed to master the strokes and build confidence in the water to begin swimming successfully on the Baraccuda’s team. We will also have one/two other coaches joining us from the Broadstone Barracuda swim team depending on the number of swimmers that enroll.