Suburban Swim League Quiet Period

Broadstone Barracudas

Dear Barracuda Families,

The purpose of this message is to inform you of important rules of the Suburban Swim League regarding permissible activities during the league’s quiet period.

The SSL Quiet Period begins February 15th and applies to all athletes in all age groups. The Quiet Period for the upcoming season will occur between February 15th and the commencement of SSL practice on April 27th.  During this period, athletes are permitted a maximum of twelve (12) hours of in-water, “supervised” training or instruction. Effective immediately, all swimmers will be limited to twelve (12) total hours of in-water training time regardless of the type of activity (clinics, private lessons, etc).  The Broadstone Barracuda Spring Clinic meets these requirements and is permissible during the quiet period.  Swimmers may NOT participate in any USA Club practices, trainings or meets during this period.

The SSL has also issued important clarifications for high-school athletes with respect to USA club activities and high-school training.

To qualify for the Quiet Period exemption, high-school athletes must fully meet the SJS requirements for participation on his or her high-school team.  The athlete must be listed on the roster of his/her high school team. 

  • SSL athletes may NOT substitute USA Club workouts for normal high-school practices.
  • High-school practices are workouts conducted specifically for high-school athletes by a high-school coach.  The coach must meet SJS and school requirements for coaches, and must be listed by the high-school as a coach. 
  • SSL athletes may NOT be active members of a USA club team between February 15th and the end of the SSL season (i.e. conclusion of Champs).   Active membership generally means that the athlete’s membership is in “good standing” and that the athlete is listed on the USA Club roster. 
  • SSL athletes may NOT participate in USA Club meets, even as independents, between February 15th and the conclusion of the SSL season (i.e. Champs).
  • Water polo activities remain exempt from Quiet Period limitations
  • Red Cross activities remain exempt from Quiet Period limitations

For further clarification, please see the SSL Bylaws:

Questions regarding the SSL Quiet Period should be emailed to the Broadstone League Representative, Sarah Dean,

Barracuda Board