Volunteer Job sign ups for this weekend's meet open Tuesday, July 6th at 11am

Ryan Tice

Hey Parents,

This year is giving us unique challenges with only having one team at the meets and with the pace of the meets being so fast, so we are making some slight changes to the job shifts for this meet.  We will not be having set AM and PM shifts to sign up for.  Instead, we will have a sign-up for each job with the total number of required volunteers needed for the entire meet.  We will have job meetings before the meet for the positions where we can arrange a schedule.  Please be flexible and make sure you show up for your agreed shift times.

Please take a minute to sign up ASAP as we have a quick turnaround this week with the meet this Saturday.  If you have any special circumstances that need accommodation this week, please email our new volunteer coordinator, Susan Wood, at [email protected]

Thanks again for all your help making sure the meets run smooth, we're almost to the finish line for 2021!