Broadstone Barracudas 2023 Parent Involvement Program Requirements

Swimming is a family sport & the success of the Barracuda Swim Team is dependent upon each family’s participation. It takes thousands of volunteer hours to run the team, meets & the social events. We cannot possibly do it all without the help of EVERY family. While we understand that all families are incredibly busy, your commitment is critical to making the swim season a success.  

Our commitment requirements have changed for the 2023 season: 

  • All families will be required to fulfill 10 commitments (ex: shift at a swim meet, chair an event, shift at a social event, etc.).
  • Families with children 10 and under are HIGHLY encouraged to work at least one of their shifts at the ready-bench.  (Children 10 years and younger sit on the ready bench at meets.)
  • Championships – TBD- once the league has determined how many jobs our team will be required to fulfill a number of shifts that must be worked will be determined.  Championship shifts are separate from regular season required shifts. 
  • At the end of the season every family's commitments of 10 commitments (champs do not count toward this number) will be assessed and those families that do not complete their commitment requirements may have their account charged $400 per family that did not fulfill their commitment and lose priority registration for the following season. The family will also have their Team Unify account frozen and will not be able to register for the following season until the fine is paid.

When you sign up for the Barracuda swim team, you are also committing to these parent involvement requirements. The person working a shift can be a parent, grandparent, friend, or family member, as long as they are 16 years or over (some positions do require that the person fulfilling the commitment be 18 years & older so be aware of that when you sign-up for the shift). There are many different jobs, shifts, roles, and fun ways to fulfill your family’s obligation. You still must fulfill your commitment even if your swimmer does not go to every meet. There are many ways to help during the team events & activities during the swim season.

It is up to each family to make sure they are checked in for their shift/job. Please double check that you signed the Job/shift log, check in with the chairperson in charge of your position & double check your TeamUnify account throughout the season. You may trade jobs with other parents or get someone to cover your shift, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that your job/shift is covered and that the person covering for you has signed in and worked the entire shift. 

If fulfilling your commitments will be a problem please contact the volunteer coordinator at the BEGINNING of the season so that we can work together to help you find a way to be a contributing member of the team. Our swim program (besides the actual coaching) is run 100% by family & friends help, so each family’s participation is vital.


The Broadstone Barracudas Advisory Board

QUESTIONS: Contact Michelle Craft, parent volunteer coordinator, at [email protected] or text at 916-752-8686.