Expected 2023 CG Gator Practice Schedule

Practices are Monday-Friday unless otherwise noted



Age groups are determined by swimmer’s age on June 15, 2023



Group Descriptions:

Groups are designed to combine similar ages/abilities, maximizing space and coaching efficiency.


LITTLE GATORS: Siblings of swim team members ages 4-6 who cannot swim 25yds unassisted

WHITE: Ages 4-9 (age 4 by coach invitation) who swim 25yds unassisted and learning to master freestyle and backstroke

GREEN: Ages 7-10 with a solid foundation in freestyle and backstroke and learning to swim all four strokes legally

GOLD: Ages 8-11. 8 to10-year-olds who are proficient in all four strokes and inexperienced 11-year-olds.

ORANGE: Ages 11-12 (age 10 by coach invitation) with a foundation in all four strokes and some swim team experience

BLUE: Ages 13-14 (age 12 by coach invitation)

BLACK: Ages 15-18 (age 14 by coach invitation)


Still unsure which group to attend? Come to the more beginner practice level.  Coaches may advance you to the next group at their discretion. Or email Coach Denise at [email protected]


April 24-June 15*  

4:00-4:30pm           WHITE

4:30-5:00                GREEN

5:00-5:45                GOLD  

5:45-6:30                ORANGE

6:30-7:15                BLUE

7:15-8:15                BLACK


*Little Gators begin practice on May 9, Tues/Thurs/Fri only, from 4:00-4:30


Summer Schedule: June 20-July 20**

7:30-8:30am           BLACK

8:30-9:15               ORANGE

9:15-10:00             GOLD

10:00-10:30           GREEN

10:30-11:00           WHITE  

10:30-11:00           LITTLE GATORS (Tues/Thurs/Fri only)

11:00-12:00            BLUE


**Depending on space and coach availability, younger swimmers with summer camps or other conflicts may be allowed to practice in a designated lane at 7:30am with coach permission, however we cannot guarantee this accommodation



NO PRACTICE:       May 29 (Monday):  Memorial Day

        June 16 (Friday):     Picture Day and team potluck in AM

        June 19 (Monday): Sunsplash team outing

                                July 4-5 (Tu/W):      4th of July holiday