All new swimmers must attend an assessment prior to beginning the swim team. For safety, swimmers must be able to swim 25yds (one length of the pool) unassisted in any manner. Swimmers ages 4-6  who cannot swim that distance will be considered for our Little Gators program, which begins May 10. See the Little Gator skill requirements and acceptance priorities  HERE.
*Swimming age is age on June 15, 2022
Ages 4-6: Wednesday 4/20 5:30-7:00  SIGN UP HERE
Ages 7 and older: Monday 4/25 3:30-5:15  SIGN UP HERE
Sign-up times are not exact appointments but are intended to give a loose time frame so that not everyone shows up at once.
Any swimmers ages 7 and older who are unsure if they can swim 25yds unassisted and would like to be assessed before 4/25 can contact Coach Denise at  [email protected].