The College Greens 2023 Swim Team Handbook

Welcome to the 2023 swim season for the College Greens Gators Swim Team.  We are excited for this swim season and looking forward to working with swimmers and their families. We are looking forward to a happy, healthy, fun, and successful season with all the swimmers and their families both new and returning.

Team Communications

  • Our main methods of team communication are e-mail, The Gator Gazette, postings to our team website and our team Facebook page.   
  • Our team website is
  • Facebook page is 
  • Instagram: http://@cg_gatorsswimteam
  • Each family will have a family folder (located at the entrance to the pool) that additional communication and ribbons will be in.
  • The coaches will make themselves available to speak with parents but remember that they must focus on the swimmers in the pool during practice and swim meets.  Please be considerate when approaching coaches on deck.

Rules for Parents and Swimmers

  • This is a swim team and every swimmer needs to participate in swim practices as well as swim meets (there are a total of 7 this season plus our team time trails, AKA Green and Gold and the league Championship event at the end of the season).
  • Please be on time for practices and meets.
  • Be ready to get in the water at swimmer’s group practice time.  If a swimmer is more than 10 minutes late, it may result in the swimmer not practicing that day.
  • Please let the coach know if a swimmer needs to leave practice early.
  • Swimmers should always listen when the Coach is talking.
  • Swimmers are expected to pay attention and participate in practice.  Behavior that is distracting or bothersome to other swimmers is not acceptable.  The coach will decide on the appropriate discipline.
  • Parents are expected to pick up swimmers promptly at the end of the swimmer’s practice session.
  • Parents needing to stay for the practice must stay off the pool deck and refrain from talking to the Coaches or swimmers during the session.
  • Any parents with other children not participating in the swim practice are fully responsible for supervising their children. The club is NOT open during practices for recreational play.
  • All swimmers and parents are expected to represent the team with grace and courtesy exemplifying the true nature of sportsmanship.
  • All swimmers and parents are expected to abide by club rules and respect the club grounds and facilities by picking up after oneself, and behave in a manner that is not damaging to the CGSRC. 


Little Gators - Open only to siblings of CG Swim Team members

Our Little Gators program is an integral part of our team to assist younger swimmers who can not quite swim the entire length of the pool.  They do have some independent swimming ability but may still need assistance in the water.

  • Little Gators must attend the swim assessment and have the coach's approval to participate.
  • Graduation from the Little Gators program to the 6 and under swim team practice is the coach’s decision.
  • Little Gators will practice two to three days a week.
  • The Little Gators begin practice several weeks after the rest of the team to ensure their safety in and around the pool.
  • Little Gators registration cost is the same as the rest of the team despite the reduced practice schedule. This is because a greater number of coaches are required to work with the Little Gators.
  • The Little Gators program is not intended as a substitute for swim lessons and is open to younger siblings of swim team members.
  • Little Gators may participate in all home meets including the Green & Gold meet.

NEW swimmers interested in Little Gators MUST attend a new swimmer evaluation (date TBD)              

PURPOSE:  CG Little Gators aims to provide siblings of CG Swim Team members with a fun and safe introduction to the swim team environment. Little Gator swimmers are ages 4-6 years old and have some independent swimming ability, but do not yet meet the skill requirements for the regular swim team. 

Swimmers ready for Little Gators will:

  • Be at least 4 years of age on or before June 15, 2023
  • Be no older than 6 years of age on June 15, 2023
  • Swim unassisted for 5 yards (15 feet) in any manner
  • Float assisted on the back without resistance
  • Jump/dive/fall into the water and return to the side unassisted
  • Complete 3 bobs in a row without choking on water (bob: hang onto the wall, blow bubbles underwater, take a breath, and then return right away to bubbles underwater)
  • Enter water willingly (including the deep end), with limited coaxing by parents/coaches
  • Listen and follow directions consistently
  • Wait independently on the steps or side of the pool until it is their turn (1-2 minutes)

PRACTICES:     Tuesday/Thursday/Friday starting May 9, 4:00 - 4:30 pm

                        **Summer practices beginning June 20 switch to late morning, exact time TBD**

COST: $210. Each additional swimmer $10 discount

Remember non-members will incur an additional $150 per family to join our team (register as 2023 CG Gators Non-members only)

QUESTIONS: Email Coach Denise at [email protected]          


Team Swimsuits and Swim Caps 

During swim meets, team suits or an all-black suit are required.  If the swimmer is wearing a swim cap it must be a team cap. No other suits or swim caps are allowed during swim meets.  


Should a swimmer opt not to remain on the team, to receive a refund they must notify the swim team president in writing before the Green & Gold Meet or as indicated on the season calendar.  Registration fees will be refunded, less a $50 non-refundable service fee.  After the Green & Gold Meet, there will be no refunds.


Practices are held in the afternoon/ evenings during the spring.  When the SCUSD year ends, practices switch to the mornings.  Exact times for age groups are established when registration numbers allow for planning.  Practices are Monday - Friday except for Little Gators who will practice 2-3 days/ week.  

Swim Meets

We are a swim team, every swimmer needs to participate in swim meets.

Meet Registration

  • Swim Meets (events) will be published on the website,, approximately two weeks ahead of the scheduled meet date.  All swimmers will need to register via the website for each meet in which they plan to participate.  There is no additional fee to enter a meet. Registration closes the Sunday evening prior to the meet date.  It is important that all members of the swim team participate in swim meets.

Swim Meet Basics

  • Arrive at meets and report to the check-in clerk no later than 7am.
  • Listen for warm-up announcements.
  • Check heat/lane assignments before and after scratch session.
  • Swimmers must report to Ready Bench when called.  Listen for announcements to avoid missing races.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Coaches, Swim Team Advisory Committee members, swimmers and families are happy to help.
  • Volunteer! Volunteers are what runs our meets efficiently and keeps them on time.


  1. WE run the meets!! Swimming is a “family” sport and you (or a family representative) must volunteer for shifts during meets. (Do not worry, we will train you)
  2. At every meet that your swimmer is participating in, a parent or family representative is REQUIRED to fulfill a volunteer shift. 
  3. Additionally, each family must work one non-meet volunteer shift during a social event or other opportunity.
  4. JOB LISTINGS – Detailed descriptions of all jobs are listed below. All jobs can be learned. Some jobs take special training or are predesignated positions.
  5. Shifts and sign-ups will be open prior to events and you sign up on a first come, first serve basis. Some jobs are closed. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to find out how to qualify for predetermined jobs. (Predetermined jobs are marked with asterisks**).
  6. Volunteers must check in at meets with the Volunteer Coordinator when checking in your swimmer for the meet.
  7. Listen for announcements during meets and BE ON TIME for your shift.
  8. We want this to be a positive and fun experience for everyone, so let’s work together and make this happen.
  9. For more information, Email: [email protected]

**ANNOUNCER- Will announce swim event, heats, swimmers and call age groups to the ready bench throughout the meet. General announcements are made throughout the day to make families aware of volunteer shifts, rules, snack bar deals, etc. Also, oversees and coordinates national anthem singers for all home meets. (Home meets only)

**CHECK IN- Responsible for checking in all swimmers and parent volunteers prior to the start of each meet. Early arrival prior to check in (6:30am). Interact with team volunteer coordinator to ensure parents are checking into their volunteer jobs when checking in swimmers. (Home and Away meets)

**CLERK OF THE COURSE- Clerk confirms each swimmer is in correct heat and lane prior to start of meet. Communicates to the referee that all swimmers are accounted for prior to start of each heat. (Home meets only)

**COMPUTER OPS- Help set up and run the computer system for tracking all events and times during our home meets. (Home meets only)

FLOATERS- Fill in wherever a job needs filling at the request of the parent volunteer coordinator. Floater jobs are ONLY released to the team after all other jobs are filled. The team rarely has floaters due to the volunteer needs of the team and the number of jobs that require filling per meet. (Home and Away meets)

GUEST SERVICES- Ensure the restrooms are clean and stocked. Take out trash throughout the shift and replace trash bags. Keep common areas of the swim meet tidy. (Home meets only)

HOSPITALITY- Serve iced tea, lemonade, water and snacks to all volunteers working at the meet. (Home meets only)


The meet referee is the head official. He/she has full authority over all officials, shall enforce all applicable rules and shall decide all questions relating to the actual conduct of the meet. Any dispute or question regarding judgment calls, lay officials, entries, dual meet procedures, or the operation of the meet will be decided by the meet referee, whose decisions will be final.

**PHOTOGRAPHER- Takes appropriate photos of our swimmers at meets, practices and social events. Post photos of our swimmers on our social media accounts throughout the season. These photos will also be assembled into an end-of-season video, which is shown during our End of Season Team Party. (Must have own pro or semi-pro camera equipment and able to use your own gear for the season. Experience taking action sports photos a plus.) (Home and Away meets)

READY BENCH- Organize and check-in all swimmers ages 10 and under in the ready bench staging area. Walk swimmers to the blocks and ensure they are in the right lane for their races. (Home and Away meets)

**HEAD READY BENCH- Organizes and oversees ready bench duties for parent volunteers. (Home Meets and CHAMPS)

RIBBONS- Place stickers on placement ribbons in addition to filing the ribbons in swimmers’ family folders the Monday following a swim meet. (Home and Away meets)

**RUNNER- Deliver meet sheets to specific stations on deck so that the meet can run according to schedule. Collect DQs from stroke & turn judges and hand them to computer ops. (Home meets only)

**MEET SETUP & TEARDOWN- SET UP- Friday night before home meets only. Our meet director will be able to give you all the direction needed to perform the necessary tasks. TEARDOWN- Saturday after home meets only. Our equipment director will be able to give you all the direction needed to perform the necessary tasks. You will assist with the removal and storage of the swim meet equipment at the conclusion of our home meets. Prepare pool and grounds for opening the club to members. The goal is to have this crew largely fixed (not rotating) to be able to work efficiently at each of our home meets. (Home meets and CHAMPS)

SNACK BAR- Assist in snack bar selling snacks, food, and drinks. (Home meets only)

**SNACK BAR GRILL MASTER- Responsible for grilling delicious food for the snack bar. (Home meets only)

**STARTER- Responsible for starting each of the heats and identifying false starts. (Home meets only)

**STROKE & TURN- Judge swimmers’ strokes, kicks, starts and turns and determine if they have the proper form for each. Prepare disqualification sheets if improper technique is identified. (Home and Away meets)

TIMERS- Responsible for timing all events. By far this job requires the most number of volunteers at each and every meet. Meets can’t run without sufficient number of timers. (Home and Away meets)

**HEAD TIMER- Making sure there are sufficient timers signed up for each event. Coordinating with the volunteer check-in to make sure your lists are the same, and that parents have or haven’t checked in. Confirm that all stopwatches are functioning properly prior to the meet and bring stopwatches to the meet. Preparing lane assignments and making sure timers are aware of their lane assignments and make it to their respective lanes. Check in with home team Head timer for any special instructions they may have. Hold a timer meeting prior to the start of the meet giving final lane assignments and answering any questions from your volunteers. (Home and Away meets)



A.M. shifts are typically 8 a.m. to 10:45/11 a.m. and P.M. shifts are typically 11 a.m. to 1:45/2 p.m. Times will vary depending on the meet. If you have only 6 & under swimmers, then you may want to choose an A.M. shift since 6 & unders are done before noon.

Additional volunteering is required at Champs; parents are required to volunteer for one shift each day their swimmer swims.

  • Champs is the culmination of all the hard work swimmers have done throughout the season.
    • Champs is a three-day long swim meet (some swimmers will only participate in one day), where swimmers compete against all the teams in our league.
    • To be eligible to swim at the SSL Champs meet, a swimmer must compete in a minimum of 3 dual meets.
    • Swimmers are not required to attend Champs but it is highly encouraged and recommended.


  • Ribbons are awarded at the individual meets for each heat.
    • Ribbons will be placed in family folders at the entrance to the club.
  • Additional awards are given in the categories listed below to recognize individual achievements and presented at a The End of Season Celebration at the Club at the end of the swim season.   
    • High Point Boy and Girl 6 & Under            
    • High Scores: All age groups combined.
    • Most Improved Swimmer: One boy and one girl.
    • Coaches’ Award: One boy and one girl based on sportsmanship, cooperation, team spirit, and attendance at practice and meets.
    • Most Valuable Swimmer: Overall top boy and top girl point winners at league dual meets and Championships.
    • Gator Spirit Award: The one swimmer that embodies the spirit of the team and is voted on by their fellow swimmers.
    • Swimmers who have reached the age of 18 will be recognized as an "aging-out swimmer".
    • Team members who break team or league records will be recognized and have their names entered on the Record Board, located in the entryway of the club.

Expected 2023 CG Gator Practice Schedule - Will be available soon

Practices are Monday-Friday unless otherwise noted


Age groups are determined by swimmer’s age on June 15, 2023