2022 CG Meet Welcome Letter





Parking & Directions: The College Greens Swim & Racquet Club is located at 2707 Notre Dame Drive, 95826. From Highway 50, take Howe Avenue/Power Inn exit and head south, go left at Folsom Blvd, go left at Notre Dame Drive. The club is at the intersection of Notre Dame & Lake Forest Drive. Parking in the lot immediately in front of the club is reserved for meet officials and set up crew. Parking is available in the neighborhood surrounding the club. PLEASE be mindful of blocking our neighbors’ driveways and the early hour as they wake to the sounds of a morning swim meet. If handicap parking is needed by a family from your team, please let us know and we are happy to accommodate more spaces than the one already there.


Schedule: We make every attempt to start the meet promptly and keep it running efficiently. Meet Time Frame:

6:40 – 7:00 am Check-In Swimmers & Volunteers  

7:00 – 7:20 am College Greens warm-up period  

7:10 Scratch Session  

7:30 Timers, Ready Bench, Stroke and Turn Meetings  

7:20 – 7:40 am Visiting team warm-up period  

7:40 – 7:50 am Team Cheers / National Anthem  

7:45 – 8:00 am Little Gators and Friends freestyle  

8:00 – 1:30 pm Swim Meet (ending time may vary)  


Please let us know if you have any swimmers needing special accommodations during their race due to disabilities.


Pool: We have a 6 lane pool. The diving board area and the stair entry area are OFF LIMITS. Lanes 1-6 are marked with lane 1 being closest to the official’s tent and lane 6 near the diving board side. In the starting area, please keep practice quiet for the start. All waiting swimmers should be in/ near the chairs BEHIND the timers and course officials until called to the blocks. Please avoid entering this area unless you are a swimmer, coach, timer or official. As events are seeded, we will post a meet program on deck near the clubhouse. 


Guest Team Area: Please feel free to set up camp anywhere on the grass in our guest team area. The guest team area is located on the north side of the walkway that splits our club’s grounds. This is between the pool, kiddie pool and sand volleyball court. If the area becomes too full for all your team, the sport court will be made available if visitors need more space. Just contact the league rep at the officials tent with any needs. We request that no tarps are used to cover the grass and no staked umbrellas or anything similar, that drives into the lawn. This includes the half dome tents with a tarp floor to them.  Please do not attach hammocks to or hang items from trees and any fencing on the grounds. PLEASE NOTE: the kiddie pool, play structure, volleyball court and sport court are off-limits during the meet. 


Restrooms: There are men’s and women’s restrooms to one side of the entrance in the club and port-a-potties in the parking lot. 


Joint Ready Bench: A joint ready bench will be utilized for swimmers 10&U. Swimmers 11 & older are welcome to use the area but please make sure they are aware that it will not be staffed. Please have all relay swimmers together before checking in at the ready bench. The area will have a shade structure over it and there will be bench seating available. 

Volunteers: We ask visiting teams to provide the following volunteers. Shift change is after Long Free for timers and ready bench. A pre-meet meeting will be called for each group around 7:30.  

  • 9 timers per shift. First shift timers will time the events through the completion of the long free. We ask that all 2nd shift timers report to their seats at the shallow end of the pool no later than event #36. First shift timers will then meet their respective replacements at the shallow end. Second shift timers begin their shift at the beginning of backstroke.  

  • 4 ready bench volunteers per shift.  

  • 2 stroke & turn judges per shift. The visiting team may organize their own shifts/ changes based on their availability. The visiting team will staff 2 corners (3 lanes) of the pool. During Freestyle, we will use one judge from each team to cover all 6 lanes. 

  • Visiting Coach(es), League Rep and/ or Team President: are welcomed and encouraged to come to the official's table to connect and meet with the referee and/ or other officials. 


Snack Bar: A snack bar serving meals, snacks, treats and drinks (including breakfast items) will be available throughout the meet and is located in our clubhouse. A sample of our snack bar menu includes breakfast burritos, donuts, coffee, tri-tip sandwiches, hamburgers, and hot dogs and more. You may also bring food and beverages of your own. No alcohol is permitted during meets. 


Play Structure, Kiddie Pool, Sport Court & Volleyball Court: Please have your children refrain from playing in the volleyball court, kiddie pool and on the play structure. Other than the swimming pool, our club is considered to be closed during a meet. 


Little Gators: Non-swimming gators & our little guests have an opportunity to get involved in our home meets. Before the meet begins, we allow non-swimmers to get in the pool and swim freestyle with assistance. After long free, during timer change, our little gators & guests give backstroke a try with assistance. You are more than welcome to join us, and to encourage the kids.


Pets: There are no pets allowed on the College Greens Cabana Club Grounds. Best of luck to all your swimmers and we hope you enjoy your visit to College Greens

COVID POLICY:   Attendance and participation at College Greens will follow SCUSD guidelines: If someone has tested positive for COVID-19 they must stay home and isolate for at least 5 days from the date tested positive. You may end isolation and return to swim if symptoms resolve AND an antigen/rapid test collected after Day 5 is negative. With a negative test and symptoms resolved, the earliest you can return is Day 6. If you test positive on Day 5 or you do not test, you may return on Day 11. If you would like to view additional details of the district guidelines, please see their website. https://returntogether.scusd.edu/isolation-quarantine-guidance