TAZ Team Suit/Cap Information

Swim Suit Orders

We have a new suit for the 2023 swim season. It can be found for purchase under the TAZ team store tab at the top of the webpage. We would love to start the 2023 season with all swimmers matching in their new 2023 TAZ suit. It a required team uniform. We are using the yellow and blue racer version.

If swim outlet is out of stock due to supply chain issues you can find the women's/girl's suits here: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/nike-womens-color-block-racerback-one-piece-swimsuit-20nikwnkclrblckrcwct/20nikwnkclrblckrcwct

The men's brief can be found here:https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/nike-mens-hydrastrong-vex-colorblock-brief-20nikmhydvxclrblkmcta/20nikmhydvxclrblkmcta?enteredSearchTerm=Nike%20Mens%20HydraStrong%20Colorblock%20Brief%20Swimsuit

Swim Cap Orders

The team cap is a part of the team uniform. If you would like to place a cap order please fill out this google form. We will be placing the order by the first week of March.