2022 SSL Swim Season

Tasmanian “TAZ” Devils Swim Club

We are pleased to welcome you to our facility for our 2022 dual meet. We have included below some details to help you prepare for the meet, and also to help your swimmers and families have an enjoyable experience.

Our Head Coach and staff will help your staff to find their seating areas, and also to find the scratch location.

We would like to invite the key officials to make contact with their EDH counterparts during the meet in order to continue the exchange of ideas and best practices.

We’re looking forward to hosting your families and swimmers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit a truly enjoyable event.

Ben Glickman

[email protected]

Carly Hodges - SSL Representative

[email protected]


TAZ Contacts:

Head Coach – Brandon Mills

[email protected]

Referee – Julia Roos

Computer Operations – AK (Abhishek Koundal)

[email protected]                                                                                                        

Head Starter – Troy Gassaway

Location: Our pool is located at 1021 Harvard Way, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. A map and directions are located on our website, www.edhtaz.org. Click the Pool Locations tab on the home page. Essentially, from Highway 50, exit north on El Dorado Hills Blvd. The pool is on the right about a mile or so from Highway 50. Enter the complex by taking a right on St. Andrews Drive (north of the pool), followed by a right into the CSD complex.

If the El Dorado Hills Ramp is CLOSED due to construction, please use Silva Valley Parkway the exit just after EDH Blvd. Turn left onto Silva Valley Parkway. Drive approximately 1.5  miles and turn left onto Harvard Drive. The CSD will be on your right approximately .5 miles down the road.

Parking: Parking is available in the main lots in the CSD complex. Entrances to these lots are available from Harvard Way and St. Andrews Drive.

Key Times: The following key times pertain to the meet:

6:00 Gates are unlocked

6:30 Check-in begins

7:00 Scratch session promptly begins in the classroom (southwest corner of the pool)

7:00 TAZ warm-ups

7:15 Meet Officials Meeting at the Ops Table (see below) *

7:30 Visiting Team warm-ups

7:30 Officials meetings (see below) **

7:55 Clear the pool

8:00 National Anthem

8:05 Timing system test

8:10 Meet commences

* Meet Referee with EDH heads of Computer Ops, Colorado, Timers, S&T, Starters, and Ready Bench; SSL League Reps

** Timers meet behind the main blocks on the East side of the pool.

**Ready bench meets at the ready bench area near the baby pool

**Stroke and turn officials meet behind lane 6 on the far end (West end) of the pool

Team Areas: We invite your team  to set up in the quad just outside the main entrance to the pool. We will provide a table for sign-in near the main gate of the pool.

Touch Pads: We will use Colorado Aquagrip touchpads as the primary timing system, which is displayed on the scoreboard. Note that the scoreboard always displays the touchpad time. We will use two manual plungers as backups and a manual watch in each lane. Younger swimmers commonly finish races by grabbing the top of the gutter or placing their hand over the gutter. These finishes, while legal, may fail to activate the touchpad. Please let your parents know that the backup and manual systems in place will capture and report the times correctly, even if the correct time is not displayed on the scoreboard.

Starting Blocks Area: Access to the starting blocks area and athlete ready area is restricted to meet officials (including timers), athletes, and coaches. All athletes except the swimmer in the water and the next relay athlete must remain in the athlete ready area, which is the second row of shade tents behind the blocks. Parents are not permitted in front of the barriers at either end of the pool.

Meet Operations: Our Meet Operations table is located on the south edge of the pool near the diving boards. Please see us at the desk if we can be of any assistance.

Snack Bar: We’ll have a full snack bar operating for your swimmers and families, including pizza, coffee, soda, water, breakfast burritos, burritos, doughnuts, bagels, and assorted snacks. This is a CASH only snack bar.

Volunteer Positions Needed:

Timers: 10 timers per team, including 2 backup timers, per shift; we change shifts at the midway point of the meet. Each club will assign one timer per lane.

We request that you help us by educating your volunteer timers on the specific requirements for timing at EDH. EDH considers timers to be active meet officials. Timers are responsible for:

* Matching the swimmer by name with the name on the program. If the swimmer at the block does not match the program, the Timer MUST immediately notify the Clerk of the Course. The race cannot proceed until the mismatch is resolved by the Clerk and Referee.

* Timers are expected to control the deck area between the timer chairs and the edge of the pool. Control means that there should only be two swimmers forward of the chairs: 1) the swimmer in the water, and 2) the swimmer who is being called forward for the next heat.

* Timers should be helpful in encouraging younger swimmers to take the blocks after the Starter calls the next heat to “Step Up.”

* Timers must be careful not to step on the touch pads when swimmers come to the wall.

* Timers must make sure that swimmers, especially relay athletes, do not stand on the pads while waiting to swim.

* The touchpads have a 15 second arming delay after the start of a race and after each relay leg. Timers must actively encourage the swimmers to exit the water immediately after each race. Timers should render assistance to young swimmers as necessary.

* At the conclusion of each race, timers should record the manual time on the heat sheet.

* Timers should look at the board after pushing the plunger. The Timers should manually touch the pad if the scoreboard shows zeroes for the time. This indicates that the swimmer did not touch or trigger the pad, which is common with younger age groups. Timers should NOT touch the pad unless zeroes are showing on the scoreboard.

Stroke and Turn: Visiting Teams should provide 12 S/T judges for the meet. S&T operates three shifts that change at 10:00am and 12:00 noon, with four judges from each team working each shift.

Ready Bench: EDH operates a joint ready bench for swimmers through age 10. We recommend 6 volunteers per team on duty per shift.