Volunteer Jobs

The Folsom Sea Otters is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Families should expect to have someone available to volunteer during one shift per meet and non-meet shift.  Details are explained in the FSO Handbook and more information will be shared with the families at season kickoff.

Below is a brief description of the jobs that need to be filled during the season, and how they might work for your situation. Additionally, a shift of tear-down is required of each family unless you only have 6 and under swimmers. See Volunteer Assignments for which meet you will be tasked with tear-down.

Meet Check-In *
Checking in swimmers before the meet begins. Good for families with little ones. Have to be at meets significantly early. There are only 3 spots available per meet and a pre-determined team is assigned by our Volunteer Coordinator for this job.  If you request this as your first choice, plan on serving in your second or third choices. 

Stroke and Turn Judge *
Were you a swimmer? Then this could be for you. Small amount of extra training needed; best for families with at least one season of swimming experience (not necessarily FSO). Gives the best “seat” in the house for watching the races! Good for families with independent swimmers or 2 adults at the meets.

This is taking cool drinks and snacks around to people working on deck during the meets. Also includes an Otter Pop monitor, to keep an eye on our incentive Otter Pops. Good for families with young swimmers (who go to the Ready Bench) or older swimmers (who are independent), or two adults at the meets.

This is sitting at the head of the lanes and starting and stopping the timers for each race. Good for families with independent swimmers or two adults at the meets.

Ready Bench
This is getting our youngest swimmers organized and to the blocks for their races. Very good for families with young swimmers (as you will be herding your little ones here anyway).

Team Tent Parent
Answer meet questions and support the families and swimmers by updating any scratches or changes to the event schedule.  At least one year of swim team experience (not necessarily with FSO) is needed.

Clerk of the Course (Lane/Block Monitor)
Work home meets only. No experience needed (even though it sounds like it does). Use the meet program to make sure the correct swimmers are at their designated blocks. You walk behind the blocks, communicate with the timers, and check the names of all the swimmers. Good for families with older swimmers (who are independent), or two adults at the meets.

Collect and run time sheets from the timers and disqualification slips from the Stroke and Turn Judges, to the computer ops team during meets. A great job for families with swimmers of all ages, because you can go and check on your tent area or young swimmers in between "runs". 

Ribbons *
Label and file ribbons within a day or two of the meet. Good for families with swimmers of all ages.   This job may be done Monday morning during practice.  This is a fixed (not rotating) crew and quite small.

Warm-up Pool Monitor
Monitor the warm-up pool during meets to make sure swimmers are indeed warming up and swimming laps only (as opposed to hanging out in the pool playing with friends or other diving/dangerous activities). Good for families with swimmers of all ages.

Meet Set Up *
Volunteers work the eve before meets and about 1 hour before the meet begins in the a.m.  Works home meets only. You need to be at the meet site quite early. Good for families with swimmers who are not yet independent. This crew is largely a fixed (not rotating) crew and quite small.

Computer Ops
This is working with the Colorado timing system to record the race times and make changes in the race program as needed. Should be comfortable with computers, but no previous experience needed. We will give you needed training before the first meet. This is good for families with young swimmers (who go to the Ready Bench) or older swimmers (who are independent), or two adults at the meets.

Team Photographer
Take photos of swimmers during meets and non-meet events.  Must have a dSLR camera or similar.  Need to take photos of all swimmers during events and heats. Provide the photos to WebMaster for posting online shortly after event. Provide photos via CD, DVD, flashdrive, etc.  Good for families with older kids or two adults at the meet.

Non-Meet Volunteer Jobs:

Fireworks Booth
Help sell Fireworks in Folsom in coordination with Folsom Athletics Association (FAA).  It is a three hour shift for about 10 people.  Shift happens rain or shine, and you must be able serve in the heat.  Read this important message before signing up for a shift.  We need a FIRM commitment. If you sign up and later back out without finding a replacement, you will have to reimburse the team the loss of revenue for that shift (approx $300+).  No exceptions.  People selected for these shifts may have part or all of their season volunteer requirements waived, details will be posted. 

Laps Challenge
Help with the Laps Challenge fundraiser, including event planning, gathering donations for prizes, etc. Must be able to work during the event.  Tasks include selling raffle tickets, counting laps, and helping to set up/tear down.

Carbo Night, Team Pictures, Awards Night, and other team events as announced
Various fundraisers and team events. Helpers needed to assist with set up, work the events, gathering of prizes and donations, trophies, etc.


2022 NON-MEET VOLUNTEER JOB OPPORTUNITIES: - Volunteer shift hours may vary from event hours based on set up and tear down

June 10 - Team Picture 9:00 am to 11:00 am

June 23 - Laps Challenge 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

June 28 thru Jul 04 - Fireworks Booth Sales - Shifts Posted

July 21 - Carbo Night 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

July 26 - Awards Night 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm