All fees are for not communicating appropriately with the team.

$5 Late Registration Fee – you must register in advance for all swim meets.  Registration closes the Sunday night before a meet.  If you fail to register in time, you will need to pay a $5 late fee to the coach during Tuesday or Thursday’s practice to participate in the upcoming meet.  This fee is per family.

If you miss the online registration for a meet you must do the following if you wish to swim in the meet

Place $5 in an envelope.

On the outside of the envelope write Late Fee, the date of the meet, your swimmers’ names and two events they would like to swim.

Turn this into me at Practice on Tuesday or Thursday this week.

If you can’t be at practice this week, send me an email and bring the envelope on Saturday morning.  You must hand me the envelope by 8:30 am or you will not be allowed to swim.


$10 No Show Fee – If you register for a meet and do not show, you will need to pay the $10 No Show Fee prior to participation in future meets.  This fee is per family and can be paid to the coach during any practice.  If you are going to be late you must let the coach know before the start of Warm-ups.  If you communicate via text message or email before the start of warm-ups, you will not be charged the No Show Fee.

Updated 1/13/2020