Welcome to the Pennypacker Country Club Swim and Dive Team Homepage.  Our season begins just after Memorial Day, and concludes by the end of July. 

Being part of our team, means being part of a tradition that is more than 50 years strong!  Our team focuses on teaching correct technique in an environment that is full of fun, friendship, sportsmanship, and team spirit.  We look forward to another great season of fast swimming, amazing diving, and memories that will last a lifetime...


Please email [email protected] with any questions!

Please consider volunteering, we have a lot of open positions for the upcoming season!


Updated 4/ 2019, 3/ 2021, 3/3022

Welcome to the Pennypacker Swim & Dive Team! The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with information about our team and what can be expected during the season regarding team activities, practice groups, meets, volunteer opportunities and much more. This handbook is designed to answer some of the more frequently asked questions that parents have about our program. 


Returning Swimmers & Divers

Each year returning swim team members are required to register online through TeamUnify, sign the online waiver form and pay the annual registration fee. This is also the process for New Swim Team Members.  “New” means new to the swim & dive team, so if you are a returning Pennypacker Country Club member and never swam on the team this makes you new to the team as well as all New Club Members.

New Swimmers & Divers – 

You must be a registered family at Pennypacker Country Club to join the PCC Swim & Dive Team. Please complete the online registration form under the Swim and Dive Team website, and click the REGISTRATION button to register prior to attending practice. New swimmers must be 5 by June 1st, considered “water safe”, and swim at least 4 laps of freestyle on their own.


Swimmers who cannot swim 4 laps of freestyle are invited to join our “Peeps'' practice group. Peeps practices begin on the first Monday Morning after DASD’s last day of school.

Team members will start team practices on the first Monday morning after Downingtown School Districts (DASD)  last day of school. 

Full team registration by the required date means that your swimmer will be included on the official team roster, be able to participate in league meets, and receive the end of season team gift. Timely completion of the team registration is necessary, as the Suburban Swim League requires each team to submit a team roster by a certain date, (usually early June) Late registrations will be charged a late fee but cannot be accepted once the Team Rooster is submitted to the League in early June.


The swim team uniform consists of the team swimsuit and cap.  


All swim team members must purchase a team suit.  Purchasing information will be provided at the start of each season, as the suits may change from year to year.


Each member of the swim team is also required to wear the PCC team cap to all meets.  Information on caps will be available at the start of the season, either Latex or Silicone will be available. Latex Caps are available for purchase during the season should you need a replacement. 



All swim team members must purchase a team suit.  Purchasing info will be provided at the start of each season, as the suits may change from year to year.


Each member of the swim team is also required to wear the PCC team cap to all meets.  Information on caps will be available at the start of the season, either Latex or Silicone will be available. Latex Caps are available for purchase during the season should you need a replacement. 




Have a question? Send an email to: [email protected] 


Our team website is: This page is loaded with useful information on all aspects of our team. The website is the first place you should go for answers to your questions. This is also where you will sign up for all meets and events throughout the season.  Once your swimmer is registered and the dues are paid, you will receive an email with Team Unify (which you can access from our website) login information, which will allow you to access information specific to your swimmer(s) and your family.  Login information for returning families remains the same as the previous season. 


All information for swimmers will be communicated via email.  A weekly email with details for the upcoming week is generally sent out each Sunday evening throughout the season.  All of the Sunday emails will also be accessible under the “NEWS” tab on the website for your continued reference.

Family Folder:

Each family has a folder located in the file boxes by the lifeguard station under the barn. Swim caps, swim meet awards, team picture forms, and other updates are distributed through these folders. Please check them at least once a week.


TeamUnify has an App called On Deck Parent. This has all PCC meet results, times, A Champs qualifying times, and a conversion calculator.  It’s an extremely helpful tool, so please download it from the app store, (it’s free).  Use your TeamUnify login and password. 

Shutterfly Site:

We have a team Shutterfly photo sharing site.  Team members can see, load, and order pictures on this site.  Login and password info will be provided in team emails during the season.

Team Bulletin Board:

Located under the barn outside the lifeguard station. Please look here for team information when directed to by a coach or team email.

Parent Meeting:

This information session for parents will take place at the beginning of the season during a team practice. Date and time will be announced prior to the start of the season.





● Provides information and support to the coaching staff 

● Coordinates all social and fundraising activities for the team 

● Organizes and supplies officials, timers, and other volunteers as required by the League for all home and away meets 

Parent volunteers are vital for our team--they help the season run smoothly and efficiently. The coaches train your swimmers & divers, but the parents run the meets and events for your child. We strongly encourage you to volunteer; it is a great way to get to know the swim team families from PCC and other teams.  Should we not have adequate volunteers, the meets & activities will be canceled. 

Current Board Member and Committee Volunteer Chairs are listed on the website, with a description of each position, they take a minimal amount of your time. We can’t do it without your help!



One of the reasons why swimmers enjoy being a part of Pennypacker’s team is because of the many fun activities planned throughout the season. Listed below are descriptions of some of our annual team-building events. Check out the website calendar for dates and times!

Rooster Meet Week: 

Join everyone in the picnic areas immediately following the Rooster meet.  Pack your own picnic and have fun socializing with the other families on the team. This is a fun way to officially kick off our season! Swimmers’ lunches will be provided. We also raise money for a Local Charity during this week.

Team Pictures:

Individual and/or family team pictures will be taken. Swimmers should wear their team suits. Order forms will be made available in paper form and online. Please fill out ahead of time—we have many swimmers! Online pay is preferred. 

Community Service: 

During Rooster week we choose a Charity that we raise money for through fun activities.  We try to incorporate other projects into the season.

Social Events/Fundraising:

There’s no better way to help raise money for our team, than having fun and creating great memories and friendships while we do it! 

Fundraising: usually a Dine Around at a local restaurant, ice cream place,or maybe a fun night out bowling! 

Senior Night:

We will honor our graduating seniors at our last home meet of the season.  We will have a short ceremony with pictures prior to the start of the meet.  

Spirit Breakfast:

The entire team will celebrate a terrific season by eating together and sharing in some fun games at the end of practices. Please watch for sign-ups for food donations. This is for divers, peeps, JW and Varsity! A parent table is set up for all volunteers.


Team Banquet:

Help plan this awesome end of year party!  Bring your family and join your teammates to celebrate the end of the season. Awards are given out, like the prestigious Kiser Cup and Joanne Pennypacker awards. Each team member will receive a special gift as a memento of our season.  Our graduating Seniors will be recognized and they will give a short speech.  A DJ will provide music and the swimmers have fun dancing with their teammates under the barn. Although there is no dress code, most attendees dress up for this special celebration: sundresses for the women and girls; collared shirts and shorts for the men and boys.  The pool is not open for swimming for the party attendees.




A successful season depends on many people behind the scenes. Each swim/dive team family is expected to work meets AND also to volunteer at the inter-squad Blue Divisional and A Championship meets. To offer perspective—it takes a minimum of 20 volunteers to run one meet. All job signups will be on our team website, under Meet & Event Tab. We understand life happens and there may be a time when you cannot complete the assignment you signed up for, so please find a replacement and notify either the Varsity or JV Coordinators, as well as make the correction on our team website. Below are descriptions for the different job assignments…jobs are on a first come, first serve basis for each meet. 

How do I sign up for a volunteer job? Simply go to the Meet & Event Tab, (where you commit your swimmer to the meets), and click on the blue box that says “Job Signup” on the top right of the page, then follow the “how to signup event jobs” instructions on the page.


Time each heat in a specific lane using stopwatches that are provided by the host team. This job is very important, but very easy, and keeps you right next to the action.  No prior experience necessary, and officials will provide training prior to the start of the meet.

Stroke & Turn


Act as judge in observing the swimmers and their proper compliance and execution of the strokes.  Training is necessary, and can be provided by other PCC parents.  Suburban Swim League does not require official training.  There is always a need for these volunteers!


Assist the scoring table by obtaining results from the timers.  No prior experience is necessary. You will have a clipboard and go up to a timer to record times swam after each event. No prior experience.


Input data into the computers during the meets,using Meet Manager. Training on specific software is needed, and will be provided by our Technical Coordinator.


Announces the events and swimmers’ names prior to each heat entering the water, as well as announces other important meet updates. No prior experience is necessary.

Clerk of Course:

Make sure the swimmers are lined up for their events.  No prior experience is necessary.


Operates the starter and conducts the meet.  Some training is necessary, and will be provided by another experienced PCC parent.  You have the best view of the meet!

Place Judge:

Watch the finishes closely, and will record the placing of the swimmers. No experience necessary.

Team Photographer

Take pictures at all the meets (we typically have a JV and V person for this) and all team events.  You then upload to the team Shutterfly account.


We are ONE team. However, per league guidelines, our team requires two categories – Varsity and Junior Varsity. Team designations are for swim & dive meet purposes only. A Varsity and Junior Varsity roster will be announced either the week before practice starts or after the first week of practice. 

  • Swimmers ages 5-18 (must be five by June 1st). 
  • Morning practices will begin after DASD (Downingtown Area School District) is out of school, and will be Monday through Friday mornings. 
  • Peeps practices will be three days a week.
  • Swimmers must commit to attending practices and meets. 
  • Team suits and caps are required. 
  • Pennypacker Swim & Dive Team belongs to the Suburban Swim League.  The Suburban Swim League website is: This site is a great resource for directions to league pools, meet schedules, meet results, individual standings in the league and more. 


Practice groups

  • Specific practice groups are determined by the coaching staff based on skill.  Swimmers may be moved to another practice group throughout the season if their skill changes.
  • Morning practices will begin after DASD last day of school. Please check the Swim & Dive calendar for the specific date. 
  • Some practices may change due to home JV swim meets which are in the morning. 
  • All JV & Varsity groups swim groups practice Monday through Friday
  • Peeps practice M-W-TH
  • The age ranges are for guideline purposes only and are subject to change.
  • Roosters – Advanced competitive swimmers  8:30-9:30
  • Rooster 1 – Intermediate competitive swimmers 9:30-10:15
  • Roosters 2 – Beginner competitive swimmers 10:15-11:00
  • Peeps – Developing swimmers, age range is 5-10 11:00 M-W-TH


Our season is only 8 weeks long, and our success - both individually and as a team - is dependent on swimmers regularly attending practice. You are highly encouraged not to miss practice, but the coaches realize that sometimes you do need to miss. Please keep in mind, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it (and the more fun you will have)! 


If your child is missing one or two practices due to sickness or another commitment, there is no need to notify the coaches. However, if for some reason your child will be missing a more significant number of practices, please email the coaches and let them know.  Please notify coaches ASAP about vacations or sickness, and the JV/Varsity Coordinator if you cannot volunteer. email: [email protected].

Swimmers who are swimming for Pennypacker and also training with their winter club team or doing Long Course summer clubs should attend at least one Pennypacker practice per week. This is important to get the flow of a relay team together as well as bonding with teammates. 

Those swimming only Pennypacker swim teams are expected to attend at least three practices per week. 

Swimmers can not compete for two teams at the same time(ie: swim for both Pennypacker and say a YMCA team).


  • The start time for practice is the time when swimmers are expected to get into the water. Therefore, please make sure you arrive at the pool with plenty of time for the swimmers to put on their caps and goggles (and sunscreen!) before their practice is scheduled to begin. 
  • Swimmers can wear either a PCC cap or a cap with a fun design (not team specific) to practice. Swimmers should not wear another team’s cap to practice. (For example, if your swimmer is also a member of a winter swim team, they should not be wearing the winter team’s cap to a Pennypacker practice). has great alternatives! 
  • Swimmers should pack a water bottle with their name on it to keep at the end of their lane during practice. Even though they can’t feel it because they are in the water, they are sweating from working hard and need to replenish their fluids!
  • Parents and or a guardian are asked to stay through all practices, especially for children 12 and under.  We ask this in case of an emergency or bad weather which may cancel practice. This is also a club policy.
  • The coaches have requested that all parents and families stay in the grass and off the concrete pool deck during practice in order to allow the coaches to work with the swimmers. 



Pennypacker Swim Meets fall under four different categories: Dual Meets, Inter-squad Meets, Mini Meets, and Championship Meets. 


Parents and Guardians should either be volunteering for meets or staying at the pool for meets.



The Dual Meets are divided into Junior Varsity and Varsity Meets, and all members who are part of the official team roster should participate in these meets. Our JV and Varsity meet schedule can be found on our website in late spring, once it has been approved and announced by the league(Suburban Swim League). 

  • Events at the Dual Meets are in age order, youngest to oldest, and girls followed by boys.
  • Each heat allows up to six swimmers, three from each team in alternating lanes.  
  • The order of events at each meet is as follows: 
  • Medley Relay: Four swimmers make up a relay. Each swimmer swims a different stroke in the following order: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle 
  • Individual events: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Butterfly  
  • Freestyle Relay: Four swimmers make up a relay, and they all swim freestyle 
  • One of the most common misconceptions about swimming is that it is an “individual” sport. While it is true that you are trying to improve your technique and your own personal times, at Pennypacker 
  • WE ARE A TEAM.  Our team’s success is built from each individual’s success. Our swimmers have a lot of fun, make so many friendships, work together as a team, and learn to shoot for their own personal best no matter their pace. 

INTER-SQUAD MEETS: These meets are within our Pennypacker team. 

Rooster Meet: This meet is for all members of the team. It is one of the highlights of the season filled with lots of laughs and team spirit! Older swimmers will be Team Captains, and they divide swimmers into three teams: Green, White, and Rooster. There will be fun events such as the Ping-Pong, Corkscrew, Wheelbarrow, and T-shirt relays! 

Club Champs: This meet is for all members of the team. Swimmers and coaches will work together to choose events for this meet. This is a fun way for the swimmers to race against each other in friendly competition, and try to improve their times. Club Champs also serves as a “last chance” opportunity for swimmers to achieve an A Champs qualifying time. Each swimmer may swim in 4 events at Club Champs.


Mini Meet: The mid-season Mini Meet takes place during the regular Peeps practice time. This is a way to introduce the Peeps group to the concept of a swim meet in an environment they are already comfortable with. It’s an exciting opportunity for you to see their progress, for your child to gain confidence, and for us to see if they are ready to sign up for JV meets, if they haven’t already. And since we will have worked with your child for a few weeks at this point, we will make sure we have instructors in the water swimming next to any child who we feel may need extra support to get down the pool. That allows every single swimmer to participate in the excitement of the Mini Meet, but in a safe and developmentally appropriate way. Subject to change based on skill of swimmers.

CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS :All swimmers who are on the official team roster, and who have participated in three SSL dual meets are eligible to swim in a League Championship meet at the end of the season. We hope to see every swimmer participate! Just like the dual meets, Championships are for team points, so every single swimmer is a valuable part of our team’s success! 

Blue Divisional Champs: All swimmers who have participated in three SSL dual meets during the current season, and who have not achieved an “A” Champs qualifying time, are eligible to compete in the Blue Divisional Championship. Our league is split into three divisions for this end of season meet. Pennypacker hosts the Blue Divisional Champs. Swimmers will be seeded in heats based on their times. Ribbons are awarded in each event. Swimmers must have an official time in an event to enter that event in Divisionals. “NT” (no time) entries will not be accepted. 

A Champs: Requirements to swim at A Champs:

  • Swimmers must have participated in three SSL dual meets during the current season
  • Swimmers must have achieved A Champ qualifying times (these are posted on the website under the swim team tab). Swimmers must swim the stroke and event during the current season in order to swim it at Champs (this includes PCC Time Trials and Club Champs, as well as any SSL meets). 
  • A Champs consists of four different sessions spread out over the last week of the season: Distance Free Meet (Monday night), Individual Medley Meet (Wednesday night), and the Sprint Events & Relays (Saturday – morning and afternoon sessions are divided by age group). The top swimmers in the league will compete in this meet. 
  • Swimmers may swim in up to three individual “sprint” events at Championships.
  •  A swimmer can swim at both Divisional Champs and A Champs if they have some events that qualify for A Champs and some that do not, but the total number of sprint events allowed for both of the meets cannot exceed three. 
  • If a swimmer has achieved an “A” time in an event, he or she is not eligible to swim that event in Divisional Champs. 
  • If a swimmer achieves an “A” time in a Distance Free event or IM event, they can swim in one distance event and three sprint events, or two distance events and two sprint events. The total number of events swam in Champs may not exceed four (not including relays). 
  • If a swimmer qualifies for more than the maximum number of events allowed at Champs, the coaches will make recommendations as to which events they should swim based on what will help our team score the most points. 
  • Relays will be determined by the coaches.
  • All medals and ribbons for the championship meets will be placed in the family folders at some point after the team party. 

Elite Meet: The top two swimmers in each event at A Champs are invited to attend the Elite Meet (the invite may be extended to other high placing swimmers, depending on the top two swimmers’ availability). The Elite Meet is held the Tuesday night after A Champs. This is a competition between the top swimmers in each of the three local summer swim leagues: Suburban, IntraCounty and Delco. 


At Pennypacker, we have a long tradition of team spirit and sportsmanship. We expect that parents and swimmers will support this, recognizing that missing meets impacts the team. Meets have been won or lost by one point…every single swimmer is an important part of our team and contributes to our success. It is expected that JV and Varsity swimmers will be able to attend all of their meets. 

You must go onto the team website to commit to each meet no later than the Friday prior to each meet. Many parents find that it is easiest to commit to all of the meets at one time, at the beginning of the season. 

How do I commit my swimmer for a meet or event? Please follow the instructions: ● Log into our team website and click on the “Meets & Events” tab. You will see the different swim meets listed here. 

● Click on the name of the meet, and select “Edit Commitment” 

● Click on “commit” if your child is attending the meet, and “decline” if your child is unable to attend the meet. 

● Click “Save” to complete committing your swimmer. 

● If you fail to “Commit” or “Decline” your swimmer for a meet, the coaches will assume that your swimmer cannot attend the meet, and they will not be placed in the lineup. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is to ensure fairness to the entire team. 

The coaches refer to a list of “Committed Athletes” when they make the meet lineups. Life happens, if your swimmer has “committed” to a meet, and they get sick or an emergency happens at the last minute, and they need to “scratch” please email [email protected] with “scratch” in the subject line ASAP so that the lineups can be adjusted. A lot of time and effort goes into developing a meet lineup, and missing just one swimmer unexpectedly can greatly impact the team, especially with relays.


● Please allow sufficient travel time to away meets – rush hour and traffic situations must be taken into consideration. 

● Please plan to arrive and report to the team area at least 15 minutes before warm ups are scheduled to begin. Make sure you leave enough time to find parking and walk into the pool area. 

● Swimmers should check in with the coach taking attendance as soon as they arrive. ● Meets will only be postponed if there is continuous thunder in the area. Never assume a meet is canceled, as summer storms typically tend to pass quickly. In the event a meet is canceled, you will be notified via email. Any meet changes will also be posted to the team website. Please check your email and the team website for any last minute changes before leaving for each meet. Text alerts may be sent as well. 

● Team suits and team caps MUST be worn. 

● Swimmers must sit with the team during a meet. It’s fun and this is the best way to get to know your fellow swimmers! This also supports the coaches and parent volunteers (clerk of course) who are lining the swimmers up for their events. They should not have to hunt down missing swimmers when it is time for them to line up for their event. Coaches and Clerks of Course are not responsible for swimmers who miss their race due to not being in the team area! 

  • Swimmers are not permitted to use cell phones and other electronics during meets. We know phones are needed for pick ups, etc. but we want them engaged and cheering for their team! We highly encourage your swimmers to bring playing cards and small travel type games. 
  • Swimmers should not leave the designated team area without first notifying the Clerk of Course (usually a parent volunteer). Swimmers are not permitted to go in other pools, the snack bar, etc. during the meet. (We encourage you to pack snacks and a drink for your swimmer, so if they are hungry or thirsty during the meet, they can have something to eat and drink without having to leave the team area). If you have a younger swimmer who needs comfort or assistance, you are welcome to come and sit with them in the team area. 
  • Swimmers are expected to stay until the end of the meet, even if their individual races are finished. This is important so that they are there to cheer on their teammates! Sometimes it is also possible that they may be needed in an additional race at the last minute to fill in for another swimmer. 
  • There is a long-standing league practice where opposing teams shake hands at the end of every dual meet, and we expect all of our athletes to be present in demonstrating good sportsmanship. We also have Pennypacker’s tradition to do a team cheer at the end of every meet (we have included the cheer at the end of the handbook for you to check out).

● Parents are encouraged to volunteer which is the best way to get to know the swimmers and fellow parents.  

  • Parents or Guardians are asked not to drop off swimmers or divers and then leave. You need to stay incase of an emergency or bad weather. 
  • Parents are asked to stay off the pool deck during meets in order to give the coaches, officials and other meet volunteers room to do their jobs. 



GENERAL INFORMATION for new and returning divers.

● Please see the calendar on the homepage for fun events and the meet schedule (this will be updated as dates become available) 

● Team Suit is the same as the swim team.

The criteria/checklist used for new diver evaluations is the following: 

● Swim across & back in the diving well 

● Dive into the pool off the side and touch the bottom of the deep end 

● Jump off the diving board facing forward 

● Jump off or step off the diving board facing backward 

● From standing position, bend over and dive in head first off the diving board 

●Perform a Watermelon Dive (from a tuck, roll forward into the water) 



The dates and times will be announced in a communication from the coaches for dates in June. There will be two groups for this as follows:

● 11 & over 

● 10 & under 



Afternoon Dive Practice: Practice usually begins the Tuesday after Memorial Day. (this may change season to season) More information will be available as the season draws closer.

● 5-6:00 pm ages 11 & older 

● 6-7:00 pm ages 10 & under 

Morning Dive Practice: Morning practices will begin after DASD last day of school. Please check the Swim & Dive calendar for the specific date.

Practices are Monday - Friday.

● 8:45-9:45 am ages 10 & under 

● 9:45-10:45 am ages 13 & over 

● 10:45-11:45 am ages 11-12 

● Some practices may change due to home JV swim meets which are in the morning. 


Diving Team Club Champs: This is an inter-squad Dive Meet. 

SSL Championships: To be announced in a weekly email towards the end of the season. This meet has dive requirements that the coaches will explain during the season. 

Elite meet: To be announced in a weekly email towards the end of the season. This meet has dive requirements that the coaches will explain during the season.


Meet results are closely tracked for any new team or league records. Team records can only be set at league sanctioned meets. New records are announced weekly, and are updated at the end of the season on our team records board.


We are here to help you with any questions you may have throughout the season. If you are unable to find an answer on our website, or in the Parent Handbook, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help! 

  • Please contact the team liaison email with questions pertaining to general team questions, registration, dues, team events, volunteering, or other administrative details: [email protected]
  • Questions about practices, schedules, meets or anything swimming related, please [email protected] and place for Swim Coach or Dive Coach in the Subject line.
  • Please always include your and your swimmers First and Last name and their age and what events they are swimming.
  • Please remember, during practices and meets, the coaches need to give their full attention to the swimmers. Please wait till after practices and meets to speak with them.


Our 2015 Swim Team used these words to describe what being a Pennypacker Rooster means to them… 

Respectful to our teammates and rivals; Rocks; Radical

Outstanding; Outgoing; Outrageous; Oh-so-special

Optimistic; Over-achieving; AwesOme; Out-of-this-world

Spirited; Supportive; Sensible; Sweet; Star; Swag; Swimmer; Super duper speedy

Teamwork; Trustworthy; Terrific; Team 

Every day we try our hardest; Enthusiastic; Excellent; Extraordinary; Energetic 

Reliable; Responsible; Records; Rockin’; 

Really really fast and fun!



Hey, all you ‘Packer fans, let me hear you clap your hands. 

Now that you’ve got the beat, let me hear you stomp your feet. 

Now that you’ve got the groove, let me hear your body move…awoo-ah-ah ah, awoo-ah-ah, 12345 we are ‘Packer we’re alive! 

678910 pack it up and start again! 

(Repeat with numbers) 

12345 we are ‘Packer we’re alive! 

678910 ‘Packer rules and that’s the END! 

We look forward to a great season…GO ROOSTERS!