FPCC ​2021 COVID-19 Procedures for Swim Lessons

*Adapted from the United States Swim School Association COVID-19 Action Plan*


Swim lessons have been deemed essential by the California Department of Public Health, as a measure to prevent drowning. However, they must be carried out with safety modifications. 


For parents and swimmers

Logistics/before lessons

  • If a swimmer has symptoms of COVID-19, parents are asked not to bring them to lessons, and to notify the swim lesson coordinator via email at [email protected] as soon as possible, so that she can notify the instructor.
  • Whenever possible, swimmers taking multiple sessions of lessons will be scheduled with the same instructor. 
  • Everyone age two and older must wear a face mask at all times while in the facility. All swimmers should wear a face mask until the start of the lesson, and should have a face mask nearby for when the lesson concludes. Swimmers will not wear a face mask while in the water. *Update: As of June 1, if you are outdoors and maintaining at least six feet of physical distance from those not in your household, you do not need to wear a mask. However, you are asked to wear a mask upon entry, as you will be in close proximity to the staff at the desk.
  • All members should sign in using the QR code near the office, for contact tracing purposes. If someone coming for lessons is not a member, they should sign in and enter “swim lessons” instead of a member ID number. 
  • Swimmers should arrive dressed for lessons, to minimize the amount of time spent in the facility. 
  • Swimmers should bring their own goggles (and cap, if desired), as there will be no loaning of goggles at this time. 
  • Families are asked to only have one adult family member/caregiver accompany each swimmer to their lesson. 


While in the facility/during lessons/after lessons

  • Parents and swimmers will be allowed into the facility fifteen minutes prior to the start of the lesson. Please do not come earlier unless you have a free swim reservation before or during the lesson, so that we can minimize the amount of people in the facility at a time. If you arrive earlier, please remain in your vehicle. 
  • Parents are encouraged not to remain in the facility during lessons, to reduce the amount of people in the facility at a time. However, if they would like to stay, there will be six seating areas, spaced six feet apart, available specifically for parents who are watching swim lessons. These areas are different from the free swim seating areas, which are only for people with free swim reservations. Parents are asked to remain in their seating areas for the duration of the lesson.
  • Free swim sessions will be occurring at the same time as swim lessons, and there will be times during which there will be lessons going on while the fifteen minute free swim transition period occurs. Parents are asked to remain seated in the swim lesson area for the duration of the transition period, while the staff member on duty sanitizes the facility.
  • Parents and swimmers are asked to wait in their seating area until it is time for the lesson. Swimmers are asked to meet the instructor in their section of the pool, and parents are asked not to accompany swimmers, to limit the flow of people in the facility and maintain physical distance.
  • The chairs provided for parents watching lessons will be sanitized after each lesson. 
  • Restrooms will be sanitized every hour while swim lessons are taking place. 


For instructors

Logistics/before lessons

  • Whenever possible, instructors will be scheduled with the same group of staff members, to minimize the number of staff who need to quarantine in the event of a possible exposure. 
  • Instructors will arrive for each shift in their swimsuit. 
  • Instructors will minimize the amount of personal items they bring with them to each shift. 
  • Instructors will have another staff member take their temperature at the beginning of each shift. If their temperature is at or above 100°F, they will not be allowed to teach lessons for the day.
  • Instructors will use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before and after each lesson.
  • Lessons will start promptly on the top or bottom of the hour, and will end promptly at the scheduled end time, to minimize the amount of people in the facility at one time and allow for cleaning during transition times. 
  • During shift transition times, the instructors arriving will stay in the area in front of the office, near the shed, to let the instructors who are finishing their shifts clean up, gather their belongings, and exit. Instructors will maintain six feet of physical distance whenever possible. 


Preventative measures

  • Whenever possible, instructors will maintain a physical distance of at least six feet between themselves and other instructors when waiting for lessons to begin, and during transition times. They will also maintain physical distance from parents when communicating before and after lessons, and will minimize communication with parents. 
  • Most (if not all) instructors will be fully vaccinated prior to their first session of lessons. 
  • Staff members will wear a face mask at all times when out of the water, especially when interacting with parents. However, they will not not wear a face mask when in the water teaching lessons, as it will make breathing difficult if it gets wet. 
  • Each instructor will be provided with their own face shield to use for the season. Instructors will wear their face shield in lieu of a face mask whenever they are in the water with a swimmer. If they need to demonstrate a skill or swim underwater, they may briefly remove their face shield. *Update: As of June 15, instructors who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a face shield during lessons. They are happy, however, to wear a face shield upon request.


During lessons

  • Each instructor will have half of a lane for lessons, either in the shallow end or the deep end of the pool. Instructors will stay in the same area for their entire shift, to minimize moving belongings and gear around. They will stay apart from other instructors during lessons. 
  • Instructors will minimize the use of gear. If they use any gear (eg. kick board, barbell), they will sanitize it after each lesson for which they use it. 
  • Bins will be provided for each instructor to keep their belongings (eg. face coverings) on their end of the pool during lessons. Instructors should sanitize the bins after each shift. 
  • Instructors will minimize touching swimmers, and if the swimmer has more advanced skills, they will maintain six feet of physical distance from them in the water whenever possible. 
  • Instructors will remain to the side of the swimmer, not face to face, whenever possible.