Winter Lap Swim Season (December 2022 through March 2023)

HOURS: (subject to change)

  • Saturday & Sunday:  5:30am - 4:00pm (March 18, change to 6:00pm; post daylight savings time change)
  • Monday – Friday: 5:30am - 7:00pm (March 13, change to 8:00pm; post daylight savings time change)

GATE CODE: Your normal family gate code should be activate (gate code + #). A green light should display. If it does not work the first time, try again, turning the handle up instead of down.

SIGN-IN: with your smart phone for EVERY Lap Swim visit, with the QR code near the office door.


MORNING: swimmers must take out the pool sweep and uncover the pool

  • Pool Filter:
    • Please unplug and gently remove the pool sweep, loop the cord and place it behind the gate.
  • Pool Covers:
    • Use the new 3-reel pool cover reel to remove the pool covers. The first cover removed should go on the back spool. Once all 3 are removed, please move the reel further back on the deck.

EVENING: we need volunteers to CLOSE and COVER the pool on Weekday evenings (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu)

  • Please Sign up using the Close & Cover Events in Team Unify. The events will be posted monthly, covering all the days for that month.
  • Pool Filter (instructions are located on the filter assembly if needed):
    1. Remove the filters and hose them off over the large grate behind the gate (using the hose behind building).
    2. Once clean, reassemble, put the pool sweep in the pool, ensuring the cord is straightened out to prevent it from getting knotted up.
    3. Plug in the filter the push the On button at the bottom of the filter assembly.
  • Pool Covers:
    1. Align the pool cover reel with the last 2 lanes of the pool next to the outdoor showers, and lock the brakes on the bottom of the pool reel.
    2. Pull the first cover on and then drag the cover to the middle 2 lanes of the pool.
    3. Pull the second cover on.
    4. Unlock the brakes, and move the pool reel to align with the last 2 lanes and pull the last cover on. Leave the pool reel in this spot.
  • Be sure to turn OFF the Pool and Facility Lights.


  • The Main Facility lights are just to the left on the office wall when you enter the gate.
  • The Pool Light Switch (and the Electrical Outlet for the Pool Sweep) is in front of the gate next to the Women’s bathroom. They have all weather covers over them, since they are outside, so you have to squeeze the little tabs on the bottom sides to flip the cover open.
  • The Outdoor shower, changing room area and equipment room light switch is on the Tiled Wall in front of the large changing room. It is an industrial metal switch that you just lift up/down.


  • The pool will be set to the 6-lane lap swim configuration during the entire season
  • The baby pool will be closed, covered, and the heater turned off
  • There will be no staff on duty during lap swim hours
  • You must comply with all FPCC Pool Rules (no running on deck, hanging on lane lines etc.)
  • When entering the facility, you must Sign-In using the QR code next to the office door. 
  • The pool temperature will be set to 82 degrees
  • Outdoor showers, changing rooms and bathrooms will be open
  • Chairs will be on the deck, please keep all chairs (except the Adirondack chairs) under the overhang to protect them from the weather.
  • Kick boards will be available next to the table under the office window for use during Winter.
  • Staff will periodically clean the facility (and cover the pool) on weekends.
  • No partial, prorated, or monthly fees. This is a one-time Winter Session fee
  • Volunteers are required to put on the pool covers each evening (sign-up Events provided)
  • Morning swimmers must uncover the pool (we are not staffing to take the covers off). 


  • Payment: CHECK ONLY:
    • Drop off at the pool in the drop box locked to the bike rack OR 
    • MAIL TO: Forest Park Cabana Club, PO Box 2151, Santa Clara, CA 95055
  • ​Winter Fee: