Frequently Asked Questions

1. ​Do I need to buy a team swimsuit? - No, we do not have an official team suit for purchase. We do recommend that girls wear a one-piece swimsuit – NO bikinis. The materials for suits vary and some are better for practice (polyester,) and others competition (lycra.). Our team color is GREEN so if you do need a new suit we suggest you choose one in our team color, but it is not required.

2. Where can I purchase an appropriate swimsuit? - Any of the various sporting goods stores offer an appropriate selection including Academy or

3. Do I need to wear a swimcap? - A swim cap WITH the Dolphin logo is REQUIRED for all of our swimmers (boys and girls) at EACH MEET.  While not mandatory during practice, both boys and girls are encouraged to wear swim caps during practice– especially girls/boys with long hair. A team swim cap is included with registration. They are made out of silicone, which is more durable than latex caps. You may purchase any additional caps at the trailer before or after workouts.

4. Do I need to wear goggles? - Yes, good goggles are imperative. If you want to spend money on one thing, spend it on good goggles - $8 to $20. Cheaper goggles will leak and rarely last very long. Not all goggles fit all faces. When you go to purchase them, see if the store will allow you to open the package. Push the goggles against your eyes, creating a slight suction. It the suction holds for 4-5 seconds, they should be a good fit.

5. What is “Brain Oil?” - “Brain oil” is the rubbing alcohol/vinegar solution (50/50) that is used to prevent “swimmer’s ear.” We have it at the trailer and encourage all swimmers to use it after practice.

6. Do you have LPD team t-shirts? - Team shirts are available to order online but the deadline is the first week of practice. See the registration page or the "Gear" tab for more details.

Team Practice/Workouts: 

1. How often should I come to practice/workouts? - We suggest at least 3 times per week. The more you come, the better swimmer you will be! You can come everyday is you like! If you have a schedule conflict, we understand that too, especially when school is still in session. Your practice schedule will depend on the group that you are placed in.

2. When do morning workouts/practice begin? - Morning workouts usually start on the first Tuesday of June. Please refer to the LPD Schedule for the complete timeline. We will NOT have any workouts on Mondays. The Parks and Rec. Department cleans the pool every Monday.

3. Is there swim practice when it rains? - Yes, we will only cancel practice if there is a lightning storm. If there is lightning during practice, the lifeguards will inform us to get out of the pool. We will have to wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning strike before we can get back into the pool. If you are unsure if practice is canceled, you can call the Landa Park pool at (830) 221-4360 or go to our Facebook page for updates and cancellations.

4. Can parents help with practice set-up and take-down? Yes, if you would like to help the coaches or other parents put in or take out lane lines, please go over and offer to help. The faster we get the lane lines put in, the quicker the swimmers can start their workout. Also, after practice, the more people that help put away the lane lines, the faster we can all leave. The coaches want to go home too! The lane lines need to be put away because they are very expensive. The Olympic pool is open to the public during the day and we do not want swimmers hanging on the lane lines. They can break easily and are difficult to fix and even more expensive to replace.

Swim Meets: 
1. Do I have to swim in the meets? - No, you do not have to swim in the meets, but it is highly encouraged. Meets are a great learning experience and opportunity to better you individual skills and times.

2. How do I sign up for a meet? - Sign up for meets through your Team Unify account. Coaches can guide you as to which events will be best for you to compete in, but please ask them before or after practice, NOT DURING. No email entries will be accepted. Deadlines are firm. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED – NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Is there a fee to enter the meets? - There are NO entry fees for the four home meets. 

4. Do I have to swim in the TAAF Regional Meet? - No, you do not have to swim in the Regional meet. However, you must swim in the Regional meet to qualify to go on to the “State Championships.” If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at the Regional meet, then you will qualify to go on to State. Be advised that if the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place swimmer declines to go too state, the next place swimmer has the option to go. LPD will be the host for the Regional meet and we will have 3 to 4 other teams from our region joining us.

5. Do I have to go to “State” if I qualify at the Regional meet? - No, you do not have to go to State if you qualify at Regionals. However, if you do qualify, you will need to know whether or not you will be traveling to the State meet. The next placed swimmer will take your place if you cannot travel to State.   You must declare by the deadline in the State Declaration event through your team unify account.

6. Where and when is the State meet? - The State meet will be held in Corpus Christi, TX for 2020/2021. The host city changes every two years. It is usually held the last weekend in July (sometimes the first weekend of August). You can go to the TAAF website for more information at

7. What is TAAF? - TAAF = Texas Amateur Athletic Federation. It is the non-profit organization established to promote,
organize and conduct amateur athletics in the state of Texas.

8. What is a “heat” sheet? - It is the schedule of the order of events that the swimmers will be swimming in the meet. The heat sheet tells you the event, the heat, and the lane that you will be swimming in. At the meets, there will be a “Hospitality” table where you can get help in reading the heat sheet. We recommend that you bring a Sharpie marker and highlighter to mark you heat sheet and swimmer at the meet. 

9. When and where do I get a copy of the heat sheet? - Heat sheets will be posted on our website and/or facebook page after 9:00 pm on the evening before the meet. You can print them at home and bring them to the meet. This will give you a chance to mark the heat sheet the night before.  There will not be heat sheets available at the meets so you must bring your own

10. Can I get a copy of the meet results? - Yes, the results will be posted on our team website by Monday night following the meet. To get the results, you will need a username and password that we will email to you. The results will also be posted during the meets on the fence at the far end of the pool (by the bath house.) 

Parent Involvement:

1. Why do I need to volunteer? - This organization is run by parent volunteers. In order to allow as many swimmers as possible to join the swim team, we strive to keep our fees low. In order to do this, we keep our overhead low by relying on our parent volunteers. This is an opportunity for you, the parents, to showcase your skills and talents for the teams’ benefit, and in return, your swimmer’s benefit. The more parents that are involved, the more the parent and swimmers will get out of this experience.

2. Will I get a reminder for my volunteer opportunity that I signed up for at registration? - Yes, the chairperson for each volunteer committee will set up sign-up genius reminder emails to all committee members before meets and events Thank you in advance for being a reliable and active LPD volunteer.

3. Can I join the team on Facebook? - Yes, please like our public page and then join us at “The Official Landa Park Dolphins/New Braunfels Aquatic Club Group.” It is a private page and you will need to request to be added. We will post updates, reminders and important team information on this page throughout the season. 

End of Season Events

1. What is the “Mile” swim and do I need to swim it? - The “mile” swim is a continuous swim of one mile (66 laps) across the pool (width.) There will be a sign-up for this swim at the end of the season. Parents will need to time their own swimmers. We greatly encourage every swimmer to try the mile swim. What an accomplishment it is – to swim a mile!!! All “first- time” mile swimmers will receive a trophy at the Awards Night banquet. Returning swimmers must better their previous mile swim time to receive a trophy. 

2. What is Awards Night? - There will be an end of season banquet on the final night of our swim season in August. We will enjoy a meal and celebrate the successes of all LPD swimmers. There will be a slide show and awards will be presented. Please email any photos that you would like to have included in the slide show to [email protected] - the sooner, the better! 

3. What is the “Super Dolphin” Award? - The Super Dolphin award is given to swimmers at the end of the season who: have at least one “B” standard time on one of their strokes, swam the “mile” (with a better time than the previous year,) qualified and participated in the State meet and have a positive recommendation from their coach.