The Landa Park Dolphins offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels who have successfully completed our tryout process. Our goal is to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging all swimmers and developing each individual to the best of their abilities.

Tryouts are in May, so please check our events calendar for dates/times. 

We currently have five groups based upon skill level, speed, and endurance. Swimmers must test in order to advance to the next grouping. Coaches have the final say in which group a swimmer is placed in tryouts. There are opportunities throughout the year for advancement.

Minnow Group (entry level)

The swimmer must be able top swim a full length of the 25 yard pool without any assistance or stopping for a break. They must demonstrate that they are comfortable swimming with their face in the water. The swimmer must also be able to float comfortably on their back.

Can-Do Group

The swimmer must demonstrate a legal 50 yard freestyle, and a legal 25 yard backstroke. The freestyle must have side breathing. The backstroke must have a clear understanding of body/hand position.

Bronze Group

The swimmer must be legal in all four strokes; butterfly, backstroke. breaststroke, freestyle. They must be able to complete a legal 100 individual medley (all four strokes). The swimmer can not stop to rest during the swim.   They need to understand the mechanics and perform something resembling a flip turn.

Silver Group

This is our introductory training group. The swimmer must be legal in all four swimming strokes and demonstrate accomplished skills of flip turns. This group will swim 1500-3000 yards in a practice. The swimmers must be comfortable with swimming sets and longer distance swimming. This group will contain most of our elementary swimmers.

Gold Group

This is our senior level training group. Most swimmers in this group are in middle school to high school. This group requires an advance knowledge of swimming drills, techniques, and higher training requirements. This group will swim 2,800 - 6,000 yards in a practice. The swimmer must be comfortable with long distance training sets.