Bud Dallmann, Founder

Lifelong Head Coach & Founder of the Landa Park Dolphins
American Swimming Coaches Association Certification Level

Born in Two Rivers, WI, Bud Dallmann moved to New Braunfels in 1945 and in 1962 formed the New Braunfels Aquatic Club. He worked as a volunteer coach in the area for more than 50 years and almost as long as an official at local, state, national and international levels. Dallmann introduced automatic timing to Texas and to the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (T.A.A.F.) and he originated, organized, and staged the first major coaching clinic in Texas at Trinity University. He started the swim team at both New Braunfels High School and Canyon High School, and coached three high school all-Americans and seven world and American record holders. As a swimmer, Dallmann medaled at the first World Masters Games in 1985 and the first FINA World Masters Swimming Championships - Tokyo in 1986. He set Masters world records and was named a national top ten Masters swimmer.  (Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame)
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 Lorna Walters

Head Coach

We are a military family.  My husband is retired from the US Army.  Swimming provided us an instant family regardless of where we were stationed.   I have been professionally coaching since 2001.  I was pulled one evening from a master swim practice and was asked if I was interested in coaching a middle school girls' age group team with AAAA in San Antonio. My passion grew for coaching in 2004 after joining the Seaside Dolphin Swim Club in Monterey, California.  The Seaside Club head coach talked me into being his Seaside high school JV coach - this is a great story for another time.  In 2006 we moved to Northern Virginia where I coached Novice and Senior teams at Sea Devil swim club and 2 years as the summer league head coach forOld Keene Mills. In 2008 we moved back to San Antonio and I was back at AAAA as Senior coach. 2018 I stepped back from coaching to have more family time. Last year I received a call from an old friend who knew that my passion for coaching was still burning inside of me.  Since then, I have been coaching part-time with Surge Aquatics in New Braunfels. My next chapter begins with The Landa Park Dolphins...

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