T.A.A.F. Guidelines:

24.6  T.A.A.F. swimming is open for anyone who meets the following criteria:  
.01 From January 1 of the current year to April 30, in the current year, individuals must follow eligibility guidelines as set forth below. Deviations from guidelines will result in disqualification of individual from T.A.A.F. swimming. Repeated violations from individuals on the same team may result in team/coach disqualification from T.A.A.F. swimming. 

  a)   Individuals may swim only 90 minutes per week (Jan 1- April 30)
  b)   Participation in T.A.A.F. Winter Games of Texas (see Sports Rule 24.24) 
  c)   Summer season work-outs can begin May 1 each year
  d)  Exceptions:  

-Winter Games of Texas meet
- Swimmers in divisions 13 & older