Pataskala Porpoises Lessons

This is the registration page for swim lessons. When selecting the classes you want, make sure to find the correct session and dates. Find the time that works best for you. This year, we are setting class size limits. If the time you want is already full, please select a different time. Once all of the class times are full, you will be placed on a waiting list. We will get you into a class by adding instructors if needed. You will be contacted once we know exactly how many instructors we would need to add. Our goal is to get your child(ren) the best instruction that we can.

Read the description for each level before selecting. Those descriptions are also at the bottom of this page. The descriptions for each level is what they should be able to do to go into that level. If the descriptions still leave you undecided, feel free to bring your child any day once the pool opens for the season (Memorial Day weekend). We can test your child and give you a definite level. Just keep in mind that if your child can't get his/her head under water, it's definitely level 1 for your child. If your child is under 3 years old, the Mommy/Me class would be appropriate.

Classes are each a half-hour and run Monday through Thursday. We leave Fridays for make-up days because of lightning/thunder, swim meets, etc. If we don't have any make-ups, we will use Friday for a family swim time (6 - 7 p.m.). You would be able to bring your swimmer(s) and get into the water with them to play or practice. It would not be instructor-led.

The prices are $40 for members and $50 for non-members. The discount for members will show up near the end of the registration. There also is a discount for families with two or more swimmers. You should see a discount of 10% per swimmer.



Mommy/Me: Infants up to 36 mo. A parent is in the water with their child. An instructor will lead the class.

Beginners 1: Older than 3 years of age. Little or no swim lesson experience. Not able or comfortable with putting face in water.

Beginners 2: Able to submerge underwater for a short period of time. Able to float on front or back with assistance. Child can push off wall and glide/start swimming. Child can jump in chest deep water and return to side with assistance. Has limited knowledge of beginning strokes.

Intermediate: Able to submerge completely underwater. Able to float on front or back unassisted. Child can swim 5-10 yards unassisted. Child can jump in deep water unassisted and return to side. Has some knowledge and experience of basic strokes.

Pre-team: Able to swim at least 15 yards on front or back unassisted. Child can jump/dive in from the side and begin swimming. Child has no fear of deep water and can tread for at least a minute. Ready to begin refining the strokes.