All swimmers need to "commit" to all of the dual meets in which they would like to participate.  The fees for all dual meets are covered by your registration fees.  All invitationals have separate hard copy registration forms to fill out and attach payment to.  The invitational forms are turned in to the coaches at the pool during practice.  The invitational registration forms are made available a few weeks prior to the actual meet. 

You can change your swimmers’ commitment status for any dual meet as long as the sign up deadline has not passed (for dual meets, this is one week before the actual event). 

To access the meet sign-in page:

  • click on the “Events & Meets” main button at the top of the webpage--note you must click hard on the tab (if using your phone).  You can not register from the drop down menu.  If you click on the tab, it will take you to the registration calendar.  
  • click on the "Edit Commitment" button for the meet you want to modify
  • click on the name of your swimmer
  • Select whether your swimmer will or will not attend the meet.  

Please don't be a no-show for meets.  If it is past the commitment deadline, and last minute changes/illness  prevent your swimmer from participating in a meet, please email both [email protected] AND [email protected] as soon as possible so that modifications can be made.